Gordon State College President Awarded 2023 Chief Executive Leadership Award at the CASE District III Annual Conference

Gordon State College (GSC) President Dr. Kirk A. Nooks was awarded the 2023 Chief Executive Leadership Award at the CASE District III Annual Conference.Dr. Kirk A. NooksDr. Kirk A. Nooks

“I’m honored to have been chosen as the recipient of this prestigious award. We, at Highlander Nation, have a shared vision of our future as we innovate new ways in fulfilling our strategic plan, Building the Power of WE, and in doing so, learn together and grow,” Nooks said. “I will continue to provide stewardship that empowers regional development, foster innovative strategies, and be proactive in working to understand the needs of our students and community.”

The event took place Feb. 27 in Atlanta.

Nooks demonstrated “remarkable leadership at GSC in a time of tremendous uncertainty,” according to the CASE District III cabinet. His dedication to a collaborative campus culture, student success, and community engagement was lauded.

Nooks also took part in a keynote panel that focused on challenges in higher ed, intellectual freedom, and the COVID-19 pandemic’s effects on schools.

“More challenges existed [from the effects of the pandemic] because of the reliance on state aid, residential component, and mental health to name a few,” Nooks said. “However, there was a positive outcome and it came from our foundation. They realized those needs and, for the first time, earmarked funds outside the traditional scholarships to target the needs of those students.”