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Malcolm X Collection

Malcolm X Collection

Butterfield’s divided the Malcolm X collection into 21 lots and added a “super lot,” which would have allowed an institution to acquire the collection as a whole. The contents include personal letters to family and friends, handwritten drafts of radio addresses, drafts of speeches and speech outlines, an annotated address book, a large collection of photographs, personal letters to Betty Shabazz, correspondence and the contract for The Autobiography of Malcolm X, journals from Africa and a large collection of related archival material.

Lot 2162: Letters from Prison to His Brother Philbert
Malcolm on his Mother
n Dec. 12, 1949: “It makes me feel good (encouragingly) to hear the Brothers there think I was in contact with Islam before my seclusion. … for they are correct. We were taught Islam by Mom. Everything that happened to her happened before the devils knew she was not ‘deadening’ our minds. When she refused those two pigs from Mr. Doane that time I thought she was crazy myself (hungry as I was); and they sowed their lieing seeds in our heads … but she suffered the abuse of all … even incurring the worst degree of the devil’s fury … unto death, all for your sake. Tis tru [sic], that my accomplishments are yours, and yours are mine because we are all brothers and sisters … but all of our achievements are Mom’s … for she was a most Faithful Servant of Truth years ago.”
Lot 2163: Malcolm on Marriage
Two letters to Sister Beatrice of the Nation of Islam
n March 5, 1955: “Most of these young sisters should just throw me out of their minds … I don’t worry about any particular Sister, because I know that ALLAH will bless me with WHOM HE WILLS when HE SEES FIT, as long as I serve HIM and obey His Holy Apostle. I’m thinking about spreading Islam, not marriage.”

n Dec. 22, 1957, shortly before marrying Betty Saunders: “Today I am very careful about answering letters of single Sisters, or even writing to them, for I don’t want to build up false hopes in them in the ‘wrong way,’ for though there is always much talk to the contrary I am not looking for any wife at the present time, and most single sisters are looking for a husband … which is only NATURAL, and I well understand and sympathize with them, but not to the extent where I’m willing to ‘sacrifice’ myself on the altar just to make one individual sister happy (smile) ….” 

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