UC Riverside Professor Details Racist Experiences at Stanford Law School

UC Riverside Professor Details Racist Experiences at Stanford Law School


      Dr. Alfredo Mirandé, chair of the ethnic studies department at the University of California, Riverside explores the challenges of being a Latino at the prestigious Stanford Law School. In The Stanford Law Chronicles: Doin’ Time on the Farm, Mirandé tells of an environment that often attempted to strip him of his identity and culture. The book details the events in his life that prompted him to leave his work at UC-Riverside to attend the law school.

      Notre Dame Press, which publishes Doin’ Time on the Farm, describes the book as “an extraordinary chronicle of the events in his life that led him to make this dramatic change, and a comprehensive, first-person account of the law school experience, written by a person of color … He also reflects on the implications of an increasing number of women and minority law school students for law and legal education.”

      According to the Notre Dame Press, the author, “describes the elitism and rigid hierarchies he encountered in the classroom and his resulting alienation and frustration. He also discusses law review and the Immigration Clinic where he successfully represented his first client … This controversial book is certain to spark lively debate.”

      Richard Delgado, a University Distinguished Professor of Law and Derrick Bell Fellow at the University of Pittsburgh, wrote, “Ten times better than the other stories of what it is like going through law school. Mirandé’s book brings a social scientist’s critical eye to what goes on in the classroom, to competition for grades and law review membership, to the way White students and professors treat students of color at an elite school, and to a minority student’s struggle to make his legal education a force for social change.”

      Mirandé teams teaching and research with a limited, largely pro bono law practice, specializing in criminal law and employment discrimination. His previous books include The Age of Crisis, La Chicana, The Chicano Experience, Gringo Justice and Hombres y Machos: Masculinity and Latino Culture.

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