Arkansas State U. Committee Recommends Indians Nickname Change

The committee reviewing Arkansas
State’s use of the nickname Indians
formally recommended Monday that Chancellor Robert Potts appoint a panel to
help change it.

Potts said he expects to follow that recommendation and set
up a group that will develop the process of picking a new nickname and mascot
for the school’s sports teams.

The mascot review committee unanimously passed a resolution
last month recommending that the name Indians be changed. Monday’s
recommendation to the chancellor was another step in the process.

Potts said he expects to establish a mascot-selection
committee and, after that group studies the issue, he would have to decide
whether to pass a recommendation on to the board of trustees.

The mascot-review committee also recommended that the school
retain a marketing firm to help pick a new mascot, and that the school try to
implement it by the 2008-2009 academic year.

The NCAA in 2005 announced a ban on ethnically or
racially “hostile” or “abusive” nicknames, mascots and
imagery at championship events. Arkansas State was one of the schools found in
violation of the policy.

– Associated Press

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