S.C. State Announces $100K Donation as Board Continues to Shrink

COLUMBIA, S.C. ― South Carolina State University’s national alumni group is giving $100,000 for scholarships as the financially troubled school seeks to boost enrollment.

Tuesday’s announcement comes as its governing board continues to shrink. Four members have resigned since April 22, leaving six people on a board that’s supposed to have 13. The board must have five to remain in compliance with its accrediting agency.

The school’s accreditation already is in jeopardy.

Gov. Nikki Haley urged legislators to send her a bill that fires all trustees and replaces them with a temporary board. The House and Senate have passed separate versions that differ in who is to appoint the temporary board.

The college is expected to owe nearly $24 million by mid-summer. Last month, it launched an effort to raise $20 million over three years.