UMass Chief Marty Meehan Giving $4M Campaign Fund to Education Foundation

BOSTON ― Former U.S. Rep. Marty Meehan is closing his congressional campaign committee and donating its remaining $4 million to an educational foundation.

Meehan, who is now president of the University of Massachusetts system, started the committee when he first ran for Congress and was elected in 1992. He represented Massachusetts as a Democrat until 2007, when he resigned. By closing the committee, Meehan is officially marking the end of his political career.

The committee’s $4 million is being transferred to a foundation that Meehan formed in 2001, but Meehan said he will donate $1 million to provide scholarships at UMass Lowell, his alma mater.

In a statement, Meehan said the donation is an expression of gratitude and commitment to UMass as he finishes his first year as president of the system.