Corporate Statement

As America moves further into a new millennium and century, the role of educating the ever-increasing number of people of color and number of people hailing from other underrepresented groups has taken on unprecedented urgency, and the stakes will become even more consequential in the coming months and years.

The quality of life for all Americans has now become inextricably linked to a citizenry that possesses a college degree and beyond. Indeed, the college degree has replaced the high school diploma as the vehicle for sustained economic prosperity and participation in American society.

The key to the achievement of this goal is knowledge and information about higher education. And when it comes to providing the information that underpins this, Diverse: Issues In Higher Education has been at the forefront for the past 37 years. Leaders from academe, industry and public policy have all come to rely on this award-winning newsmagazine to stay abreast of the trends and issues that go to the core of the future of this country and its place in an ever-changing world.

That a well-educated and skilled workforce will evolve unaided cannot be taken for granted. Those who have kept up with the rapidly unfolding demographic shifts know too well active participation, strategic planning and working alliances are needed to ensure that minority groups and the underrepresented will succeed.

Since its founding in 1984, Black Issues In Higher Education (which is now Diverse) has been America’s premier news source for information concerning these vitally important issues. The awards and recognition we have received only attest to how well we have carried out our mission of being the most reliable source of news on the spectrum of diversity in the academy.