Tallahassee Community College


Tallahassee Community College was founded in 1966 by the Florida Legislature and off ers more than 90 academic and career programs and more than 600 courses. In addition to the associate degree, TCC also off ers a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Baseball player Ryan Freel and actress Cheryl Hines can be counted among the school’s most notable alumni.

“At Tallahassee Community College, we take a very active approach to student success. That means
helping students set realistic academic and career goals and follow the path that will lead them to their goals. It
means connecting students with support services that will help them complete the courses and programs they have chosen. It means off ering programs that take students to the next level — admission to a college or university, employment in a rewarding career or the achievement of personal goals. It means preparing students for the jobs of tomorrow. It means measuring signs of success, such as course and program completion, admission to a four-year institution and employment. It also means investing in people, programs, facilities and
technologies that help students succeed.”

— Dr. Jim Murdaugh
President, Tallahassee Community College