The University of Vermont Dr. Annie Stevens Founde

The University of Vermont
Dr. Annie Stevens
Founded 1791

Dr. Annie Stevens
Vice President of Student Life

“I am deeply humbled to accept this designation on behalf of the University of Vermont’s
Division of Student Afairs. While this recognition is a significant marker of achievement, we know there is still much work to be done. As a division, we acknowledge the institutionalized oppression and systemic racism that continues to manifest nationally, locally and on our campus. I continue to be sincerely grateful for the outstanding professionals in our division, who consistently push us to strive for greater equity and inclusion.

We remain actively engage in this work in order to thoughtfully provide programs and services that meet the diverse identities and changing needs of our students. We know this work can, at times, be difficult; and yet, we believe it is integral to creating a more inclusive campus and abiding social change.”

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