What’s Next for Prison Higher Education? A Q&A with Jule Hall

In this episode, Sara Weissman conducts a timely conversation about the needs of incarcerated students with Jule Hall. As a formerly incarcerated learner, Jule Hall now specializes in prison higher education as a program officer at the Ascendium Education Group. Jule shares how he developed his thirst for knowledge through his prison education experience and how education has enabled him to engage in the professional world successfully after his release. Jule and Sara also discuss the importance of accessibility and inclusivity in prison higher education, as well as his hopes for future incarcerated students and prison education initiatives.

  • Jule’s prison education experience and how he got into prison education work.
  • The response to the Pell Grant revocation for incarcerated students.
  • What should education initiatives be mindful of when creating programs for incarcerated students?
  • The role of education for incarcerated students, especially those with life-long sentences.
  • How can we make prison education programs more inclusive?
  • Hopes for prison education in the future.


“It’s a terrible place, regardless of what programs are there. But with the college programs in the prison, you saw guys who were more focused on getting their education, doing something positive that would help them to get through the vigor of their classes and focus on their release.”

“The more we educate these people, they will be released and we’re going to see some phenomenal work. Education, particularly for people who have been incarcerated, has pushed that group to want to change, contribute and add to society. There’s something about people who are incarcerated and getting their education when they release. They have this sincere drive to contribute to society, and that’s a benefit for society.”


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