Innovating New Ways To Tackle Food Insecurity for Students – Single Stop, Seahawk Marketplace, and more: A Q&A with Broward College President Gregory Haile

With COVID still persisting on a national and global scale, already existing issues have been exacerbated by this ongoing pandemic, particularly with food-insecure students. Countless students are currently feeling a rise in the pressures of food insecurity, leading Broward College President Gregory Adam Haile to innovate a series of solutions that tackle student hunger effectively and equitably. Join Sara Weissman and President Haile in this Q&A session where we dive deep into the different approaches taken to solving food insecurity among college students. They discuss the impacts and implementations of strategies such as Single Stop, Seahawk Marketplace, and nutrition courses.


  • How food insecurity has impacted Broward college students.
  • What is Seahawk Marketplace and how will it help food-insecure students?
  • How Single Stop simplifies support for students.
  • How can we ensure long-term security for food-insecure students?
  • The impacts of hunger and nutrition on student retention.
  • Advice for other schools and leaders for combating food insecurity.


“Many of our students are going to face challenges that are multifaceted and there are opportunities to resolve those challenges. But the question becomes, ‘how do we make sure that students become aware of opportunities?’”


Report Details COVID-19’s Massive Impact on Student Food Insecurity

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