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The Case of Angelo Quinto – Police Brutality, Anti-Asian Violence, and the Quest for Justice

Tune in to this featured replay from Emil Amok’s Takeout podcast on the story of Angelo Quinto, a 30-year-old Filipino American who died after an incident with the police in Antioch, California. Diverse blogger Emil Guillermo has been sounding the alarm on this incident since February 2021 and solely dedicates this episode to telling the underreported story of Angelo Quinto and the current quest for justice over his wrongful death. Not only does he break down the details of the case, but Emil is also joined by San Francisco State University professor Dan Gonzales to examine the deeper issues of anti-Asian violence and the vigilance required to combat it.

  • The story of Angelo Quinto.
  • Where is the outrage over the death of Angelo Quinto?
  • The problem with current police responses.
  • How to inspire action and solidarity in Filipino communities.
  • The fight for legal justice for Angelo Quinto.
  • How can we prevent and resolve anti-Asian violence?
  • Thoughts on the minimum wage.


“I think it shows that when you say Asian American, you mean a big broad community and I think we all, as individual communities, have to look at this and say, “We’re stronger when we’re together. Let’s work together. Let’s fight this.” I think that’s the way out with the anti-Asian hate.”

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