Mental Health and College Students – Creating Communities of Support after the Pandemic, part 1/2

This two-part episode discusses the innovative ways in which the rise in telehealth and digital mental health tools during the pandemic has helped college students handle the stress of Covid.

Joining host David Pluviose are the following guests:

Nathaan Demers, Clinical Psychologist, YOU at College |

Amy Gatto, Senior Campus program manager,Active Minds | and

Matthew Jirsa, a graduate assistant at Healthy Minds Network |


  • Solutions to tackle heightened mental health issues due to the pandemic.
  • Thoughts on the striking increase in college counseling centers providing video sessions.
  • How telehealth and digital mental health apps have dramatically reduced barriers to entry and options for mental health care.


“I think what’s really powerful about this generation and these students is the pandemic affected all of us, but our students in this generation are still incredibly hopeful about the future. And they not only want to support their mental health, they want to help their peers.”

Steve Fund, JED’s Equity in Mental Health Framework Shows Promising Results

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