Study and Struggle, Dr. Leigh Patel on Decolonization and Higher Education

In this episode, your host David Pluviose talks with University of Pittsburgh interdisciplinary researcher Dr. Leigh Patel. Join their insightful conversation as they discuss the genesis of her new book, No Study Without Struggle: Confronting Settler Colonialism in Higher Education, and dive into her rich perspective on the history of social movements and the need for reckoning with historical traumas. Dr. Leigh Patel also brings us along on her journey as a researcher and shares the personal experiences that shaped her book.


  • Biggest takeaways from the book No Study Without Struggle: Confronting Settler Colonialism in Higher Education
  • Thoughts on the contemporary debate over critical race theory
  • Impacts of the research that went into the book
  • Allowing student-athletes to profit from their talents and skills
  • Initial reactions toward the book since its release
  • How Dr. Patel’s personal journey influences her research approach


“Stolen labor and stolen land are the foundation of the nation, and if we don't confront that on a regular basis, we are condoning all the mythologies that wallpaper over that.”


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