Leveling the field in eSports, meet Black Collegiate Gaming Association founder Keshia Walker

Join host Ralph Newell as he talks one-on-one with Keshia Walker, founder and chairwoman of the Black Collegiate Gaming Association, about the rise of eSports in intercollegiate athletics and what can be done to diversify the industry.

With the rise of eSports as a billion-dollar industry, one must ask about the clear lack of diversity in this rapidly growing field. Tune in as Keshia and Ralph explore the low representation of women and people of color in gaming professions and how the Black Collegiate Gaming Association is fighting back. This episode is a must-listen for anyone who has dipped their phone, console, or controller into the gaming world!


  • What is eSports?
  • The inspiration behind the Black Collegiate Gaming Association
  • Five strategic platforms of the BCGA
  • Ongoing outreach activities to achieve total inclusivity
  • Looking at the future of collegiate eSports and the BCGA


We're playing the games. We're just not in a position to make the decisions, to make the games, to market the games, to sell the games"


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