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The Community College Baccalaureate degree


In this episode of In the Margins, our two guests discuss the rise of the community college baccalaureate. Led by our host David Pluviose, Drs. Angela Kersenbrock and Debra Bragg discuss this unique and fast-growing segment of higher education.

As president of the Community College Baccalaureate Association and professor of higher education, respectively, Angela and Debra share their insights on higher education and the role of the community college baccalaureate in today’s economy. Tune in as they explore topics such as a college’s commitment to nontraditional students and its community, the relationship between policy-makers, industry, and institutions of learning, how COVID has impacted higher education, and much more.

Be sure not to miss this informative dialogue about the community college baccalaureate and how these two women are creating a clear pathway for underserved students to achieve a degree that may change their lives.


•    Why should community colleges offer bachelor’s degrees?   
      Importance of institutions maintaining an open-access mission
•    The relationship between community colleges and their community
•    How COVID has affected higher education
•    Angela and Debra’s work with policymakers


“I think that's one of the things that is so attractive about community college baccalaureates is that they're built, hand in hand with industry, for industries need and for the communities need.”

“What is our responsibility, as advocates for higher education and as policymakers, what is our responsibility to ensure that all students have that opportunity?”

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