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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Policymaking with Mamie Voight and Dr. Stella Flores of the Institute for Higher Education Policy

In this episode, your host David Pluviose sits down with Mamie Voight, president of the Institute for Higher Education Policy (IHEP), and Dr. Stella Flores, Associate Professor of Higher Education and Public Policy and Director of Research and Strategy at The University of Texas at Austin. Tune in as they discuss their mission to promote college access, affordability, and success for all students, with a particular emphasis on students who've traditionally been underserved and marginalized by our higher education system. Leaning on nonpartisan data and thinking about equity as not only a social tool but an economic development tool, listen in as they share their principles to equitable policymaking to promote the full power of what higher education can achieve.


β€’ Who are Mamie Voight and Dr. Stella Flores?
β€’ The genesis of the IHEP equity framework for higher education
β€’ What makes IHEP different in the fight for equity?
β€’ Can equitable policies be insulated from the consistent change in politics?
β€’ How the pandemic further exposed health, economic, and educational inequities
β€’ Why diversity, equity, and inclusion need to play a role in policymaking


β€œHigher education is central to America's promise, and higher ed can really build us towards a more just and equitable society. But that's only true if pathways through higher education really are open to and supportive of everyone, regardless of race and background and circumstance.”

β€œOne of the greatest forms of patriotism is to invest in the future of our residents by ensuring multi-generational success. And this is what these equity principles can increase the odds of doing.”


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