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Institutional Leadership and Commitment with Paula O'Loughlin, dean of faculty at Coe College

In this episode, your host Ralph Newell welcomes Paula O'Loughlin, provost and dean of faculty at Coe College, to share her journey in higher education and the current and future initiatives Coe College is undertaking for diverse organizational impact and transformation.

Believing in the importance of students being able to write their own stories and the responsibility of institutions to help make that possible, tune in as Paula explains her mission to foster a feeling of comfort, confidence, and home for all students and faculty in higher education.

From connecting to Coe College’s historical narrative of inclusivity to the importance of recruiting, hiring, and retaining diverse faculty and staff, listen in as O'Loughlin continues the legacy of Coe College as the institution that makes it possible, so you can make it happen.


  • DOIT and its 4 pillars of transformation
  • What drives Paula O'Loughlin?
  • Why focus specifically on institutional leadership and commitment?
  • The economic benefits for diversity in higher education
  • Building on DOIT and future initiatives at Coe College
  • How to shift the culture of higher education
  • Addressing the pipeline problem and retention of BIPOC faculty


“How do we make it possible for every student to be able to write their own stories? And one of the ways that we have to do that is by thinking about what's the experience the students like, and all students need to feel at home. And that’s what drives me.”

“As part of our historical narrative, Coe has always been that kind of place that is accessible, and this is pushing Coe to be more accessible and open to more populations than it has historically been.”


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