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The Antiracist School Leader, with Dr. Daman Harris

Meet Dr. Daman Harris, cofounder and codirector of the Building Our Network of Diversity (BOND) Project, a nonprofit organization that supports the recruitment, development, retention, and empowerment of male educators of color. He is the manager of the Professional Development Schools Program and the Institutions of Higher Education Partnerships for Anne Arundel County Public Schools in Maryland. He also serves as an adjunct professor at McDaniel College and a member of the graduate faculty for the University of Maryland at College Park.

In this episode, Harris joins Diverse to speak about his new book, The Antiracist School Leader — What to Know, Say, and Do.

Tune in as Harris and host David Pluviose discuss anti-racist education, addressing systemic inequalities, and the intrinsic value of diversity in professional learning activities. Harris also shares insight into his educational journey and the factors that propelled him into the realm of education. This thought-provoking discourse extends to confronting white supremacist culture and the impact of socialization into racial categories, unraveling the layers of unconscious biases and discrimination.

So, don't miss this episode as Harris and Pluviose navigate key issues shaping the landscape of education and equity today.


- Harris' educational background and factors that led him to be an educator

- On anti-racist education and addressing systemic inequality

- The importance of professional learning activities and the value of diversity

- On dealing with white supremacist culture, unconscious biases, and discrimination

- A glimpse of his book, The Antiracist School Leader—What to Know, Say, and Do

- Paul Gorski’s emphasis on the importance of addressing equity detours in education

- The pivotal role of actively working toward equity


"Black is a race, not a culture. But what we are socialized to believe is that's the case. And so, there's a lack of trust there." – Dr. Daman Harris

“My book definitely weaves my professional experience and features some other folks — highlighting their professional experiences with this work and elevating their really strong aspects of it, but also recognizing the struggles that folks have with this.” – Dr. Daman Harris


Dr. Daman Harris 

The Antiracist School Leader—What to Know, Say, and Do 

The Building Our Network of Diversity (BOND) Project


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Closed captioning and live show transcription are available in the video for this episode.


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