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Since we started nearly a year ago (on January 22, 2010), we have added selections from additional publishers, including the University of Mississippi Press, the American Counseling Association, Africa World Press and Black Classic Press. We also made numerous adjustments to the content and design of our site. has gained a guest blog (currently by Ingrid Sturgis, assistant professor of new media at Howard University), and author profiles, as well as book reviews and news articles from our sister site,

Most importantly, we have begun to attract the kind of book buyers we desire. Selling books – quality books on academic and scholarly topics for knowledgeable readers at substantial discounts– is our reason for being. We have been able to track the most popular books and highlight them on our homepage. Among the books that have been best sellers lately, counseling books have predominated, presumably because of our relationship with the American Counseling Association (ACA). Most recently, the books selling best have been:

  • Career Counseling: Contexts, Processes, and Techniques, ACA,    $64.95
  • Family Matters: The Influence of the Family in Career Decision Making, ProEd and CAP Press,    $32.95
  • Strengths-Based Career Development for School Guidance and Counseling Programs, Counseling Outfitters, $47.95
  • Counseling Strategies for Loss and Grief, ACA,    $48.95
  • What Makes Racial Diversity Work in Higher Education, Stylus Publishing,    $24.95

Our administrative tools have also helped us to understand your needs better. For instance, we have learned  that among the most-often used search terms for our site have been “university,” “women in Africa” and “diversity.” is a premier source to buy academic and scholarly books, especially those from university and small presses, at a discount. It is also a vehicle for those books to get the coverage and attention they deserve.
Several thousand titles are in the inventory, and we are actively pursuing other publishers to add their selections to our site. (For more information about joining the site, please email: [email protected] call 703.385.2981)

Faculty members and scholars interested in becoming a guest blogger may email the editor at [email protected]. We are particularly looking for commentary and insights on pursuing academic writing, teaching writing, conducting research and publishing your work, as well as on diversity in higher education or on research projects faculty members may be pursuing.

Thank you for your continued support.


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