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Thank you so very, very much!

Thank you  so very, very much!

For many, 15 years may not seem to be an incredibly long time. But for those of us in the publishing industry, it is an unusual achievement since publishing is one of the most volatile segments of American business. We are so grateful that Black Issues In Higher Education is the exception!
Since 1984, Black Issues has grown in stature, size, and frequency. It also has adjusted countless times to meet the changing needs of an active, loyal, and savvy readership.
A major ingredient in our formula for success has been the incredibly loyal support we’ve had from subscribers and advertisers like you. You’ve helped us bring breaking news, incisive special reports, cutting-edge research, and other critical information to a grateful audience throughout this country and in numerous international settings.
The lists  in the pages that follow  are neither exhaustive or definitive. They are only representative and illustrative of outstanding qualities and traits we’ve witnessed over the past 15 years. Time and space does not permit us to  identify the many individuals, organizations, and initiatives that have brought us to today.
In keeping with the theme of this edition, we offer 15 reasons to celebrate our crystal anniversary:

1. That we’re still here.
2. That you stuck by Black Issues even when we’ve made regrettable
 mistakes of omission and exclusion.
3. That we now see African American and other minorities
 represented at the  highest levels of academic and professional
4. That many HBCUs are in better shape today than ever before.
5. That students of color can realistically achieve their
 goals on traditionally White campuses without the burden of
 social and academic isolation.
6. That we’ve had the privilege of employing and working
 with some of the most talented and dedicated people that could
  be found anywhere.
7. That we’ve helped thousands of colleges and universities diversify
 their  faculty, staff, and student body.
8. That we’ve seen underrepresented student enrollment and
 graduation  rates reach unprecedented heights.
9. That we no longer have to use “The First” in describing the many
 breakthrough appointments of people of color.
10. That we’ve seen friends who were once the “Assistant to the Assistant”
 advance to the presidential and CEO levels.
11. That progressive leaders and activists resisted and fought to
 preserve their hard-won gains.
12. That Prairie View finally won a football game.
13. That Bill Cosby raised the ante on Black
 philanthropy to $20 million.
14. That John Hope Franklin is still actively
 writing, researching, and reaching young scholars.
15.  That there are long distance runners in the
 race to insure that the doors to access  and equity stay open.

Thanks again for your support!


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