Teen Girls Show Little Interest In Business Careers

Teen Girls Show Little Interest In Business Careers


A majority of teenage girls in America say they will shun business as a possible career, according to a recent national survey. And the low interest among girls in the field has prompted concern about a potential shortage of future women business leaders.

The study, “Teen Girls on Business: Are They Being Empowered?” was conducted by The Committee of 200, a national organization of women’s business leaders, and Simmons College School of Management. According to the study, while 97 percent of girls polled expect to work to help support themselves or their families, fewer than 10 percent anticipate careers in business (that is 40 percent fewer than the number of boys who listed business as a top career).

The findings are prompting a strong call to action by leading business women, who are urging parents, the media, schools, businesses and others to create programs to help teenage girls better understand the personal and societal benefits of business as a career.

“This study is a wake-up call for us all,” says Connie K. Duckworth, chair of The Committee of 200.

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