In Memoriam

Walter H. Annenberg — businessman; statesman; publisher; philanthropist, The Annenberg Foundation

Arthur Ashe — tennis legend; educator; social activist; organizer, Artists and Athletes Against Apartheid

Dr. Marguerite Ross Barnett — educator; political scientist; administrator; first woman and first African American president, University of Houston

Dr. Ernest Boyer Sr. — educator; scholar; president, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching; U.S. Commissioner of Education; chancellor, SUNY; recipient, Charles Frankel Prize in the Humanities

Gwendolyn Brooks — educator; poet laureate, Illinois; first African American Pulitzer Prize winner, poetry; 1994 Jefferson Lecturer, National Endowment for the Humanities, the highest award in the humanities given by the U.S. federal government

Claude Brown — author, Manchild in the Promised Land

Ricky Byrdsong — former head basketball coach, Northwestern University; vice president, community affairs, Aon Corp.

Joan Preston Cerstvik — operations manager, Black Issues In
Higher Education

Dr. Patrick Chavis — obstetrician/gynecologist; medical school admission sparked U.S. Supreme Court affirmative action battle

Henry Chauncey — former assistant dean of the faculty, chairman of the Committee on Scholarships, Harvard University; founder and president, Educational Testing Service (ETS); director, College Entrance Examination Board

Dr. Barbara T. Christian — activist; author; editor; educator, University of California-Berkeley; first African American woman granted tenure, full professor, UC-Berkeley

Dr. John Henrik Clarke — writer; activist; spiritualist; geopoliticist; liberation scholar; educator, Hunter College, Cornell University; originator, Afrocentricity 

Ray Davis — Washington, D.C.-area student activist; founder, The DC Student Coalition Against Apartheid and Racism (DC SCAR)

Dr. Harold Delaney — mentor; executive vice president, American Association of State Colleges and Universities; special assistant to the chancellor, University of Maryland System; recipient, one of first two Howard University doctoral degrees 

Matel Dawson Jr. — forklift driver; investor; philanthropist; founder, Mat Dawson Jr. Endowed Scholarship, Wayne State University

Dr. Jeff Donaldson — art historian; aesthetics of Black arts movement scholar; critic; painter; educator; head, College of Fine Arts, Howard University; contributing founder, AFRI-COBRA (an acronym for African Commune of Bad Relevant Artists) 

Christopher Fairfield Edley — prosecutor; civil rights attorney; president emeritus, United Negro College Fund 

Archie Epps III — educator; editor, Speeches of Malcolm X at Harvard; former dean of students, Harvard University; publisher of first Harvard handbook on race relations
Dr. Harley E. Flack — scholar; musician; composer; fourth president, Wright State University

Leon Forrest — writer; novelist; essayist; educator, Northwestern University

J.P. Frank — attorney; author; professor of law; contributor to Brown v. Board of Education argument

Dr. Ruth Simms Hamilton — sociologist; scholar; educator, Michigan State University; mentor; director, African Diaspora Research project

Henry Hampton — documentary filmmaker; social justice advocate; founder, Blackside Productions Inc.; creator, “Eyes on the Prize” series; recipient, Charles Frankel Prize, National Endowment for the Humanities

A. Leon Higginbotham  — chief justice of the U.S. 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals; educator, Harvard University; recipient, Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor

Frank M. Johnson Jr. — attorney; federal judge, 11th Circuit; “most hated man in Alabama,” for striking down segregation laws

Lois Mailou Jones — painter; designer; educator, Howard University; cultural ambassador to Africa

Barbara Jordan — attorney; educator; state senator; U.S. congresswoman; constitutionalist

June Jordan — poet; essayist; activist; educator, University of California

Dr. Clark Kerr — president, University of California system; inspiration for Pell Grant program
Dr. Benjamin E. Mays — minister; educator; adviser; president, Morehouse College

Rep. Patsy Mink — senior democrat, Hawaii, House of Representatives higher education panel; contributor, Title IX

Mamie Till Mobley — advocate; mother of Emmett Till, 14-year-old whose 1955 lynching/murder shocked the nation, helped spark Civil Rights movement

Dr. Herbert Nickens — physician; first director of the Office of Minority Health at Department of Health and Human Services; vice president for Community and Minority programs, Association of American Medical Colleges

Dr. Jeanne L. Noble — educator; one of the first African American women granted tenure, New York University; television writer; member, national education commissions

John D. O’Bryant  — educator; counselor; vice president, student affairs, Northeastern University

Dr. John Uzo Ogbu — anthropologist; educator, University of California-Berkeley; minority education and economic achievement specialist
Dr. Americo Paredes — Mexican American folklorist/ethnographer; author; novelist; literary critic; cultural advocate; educator, University of Texas at Austin

Dr. Donald G. Phelps — educator; first African American chancellor of Seattle and Los Angeles Community College districts; chairperson, men’s intercollegiate athletics council, University of Texas at Austin
Silas Purnell — mentor; director, Ada S. McKinley Educational Service Talent Search Program

Dr. Miller A.F. Ritchie — educator; chairperson, human relations, University of Miami; president, Pacific University

Dennis schatzman — Syndicated columnist, author, The Simpson Trial in Black and White, contributor to Black Issues In Higher Education

Al Shanker — advocate; educator; trade union leader; president, American Federation of Teachers

Dr. Eileen Jackson Southern — author; music scholar; first tenured Black female full professor, Harvard College; founder, Black Perspectives in Music journal; recipient of the National Humanities Medal  

Dr. Chang-Lin Tien — educator; heat transfer and thermal scientist; social advocate; first Asian American chancellor, University of California-Berkeley

Dr. Israel “Ike” Tribble — scholar; former special assistant to the secretary, Department of Education; director of voluntary education, Department of Defense; founding director, McKnight Fund (Florida Education Fund)

Dr. Margaret Walker — poet; novelist; essayist; educator; first African American Yale Younger Poets award recipient; director, Institute for the Study of History, Life and Culture of Black Peoples

Sen. Paul Wellstone — Democratic congressman, Minnesota; educator, Carleton College; education advocate

Dr. Dorothy Porter Wesley  — bibliophile; archivist; Africanist; mentor; scholar; writer; historian, Moorland-Spingarn Foundation, Howard University

Louis Westerfield — attorney; educator; first African American dean, Loyola Law school, New Orleans; first African American dean, University of Mississippi School of Law

Dr. Rhonda M. Williams — political economist; scholar; social justice advocate; acting director, Afro American Studies, University of Maryland, College Park

Scott Wright — editor, Community College Week; contributor, Black Issues In Higher Education

Dr. William C. Young — co-author, The Higher Education Moneybook for Women & Minorities, 1997: A Directory of Scholarships, Fellowships, Internships, Grants & Loans

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