Broadband Access Expected to Exceed 325 Million in 2008

Broadband Access Expected to Exceed 325 Million in 2008BOSTON
In a research report released earlier this month, the global base for broadband Internet access is expected to reach 325 million subscribers by 2008, up from more than 100 million at the end of 2003, according to the Boston-based Yankee Group consulting firm.
“Broadband access continues to be one of the largest and most profitable areas of telecommunications around the world,” says Lindsay Schroth, the Broadband Access Technologies senior analyst at the Yankee Group. “Despite the downturn in telecom spending in the past few years, providers are expanding access networks and attracting new broadband subscribers with a variety of access technologies.”
The firm forecasts 35 million subscribers to be added in 2004, followed by approximately 43 million during 2005 and 2006, trending upward to 46 million and 51 million in the last two years of the forecast. It also expects DSL to add between 25 million and 30 million subscribers per year, and cable modem will hover around 8 million. The Yankee Group projects steeper year-over-year growth for satellite, broadband wireless and other technologies.
The Yankee Group is estimating that by 2008 there will be 325 million broadband subscribers worldwide.
In 2008, about 200 million subscribers will have broadband access through digital subscriber line (DSL) service, up from the 85 million people expected to be using that technology globally by the end of 2004. DSL is expected to add between 25 million and 30 million subscribers per year, while rival cable modem technology will account for around 8 million new subscribers annually.
 In North America, though, cable service will maintain its lead, growing from 34 million at the end of last year to about 75 million in 2008. Satellite is expected to experience strong growth, also. By 2008, it’s expected to have more than 12 million subscribers, or 4 percent of the market, according to the Yankee Group.

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