Higher Education Assistance Group Fights to Save Perkins Loan Program

Higher Education Assistance Group Fights to Save Perkins Loan Program

The Coalition of Higher Education Assistance Organizations (COHEAO) has launched a major grassroots campaign calling on Congress to reject the President’s budget proposal to eliminate the Perkins Loan Program for college students.

The coalition of more than 300 educational and commercial members, who promote access to post-secondary education, disputes the Bush administration’s claim that raising the Pell Grant $100 each year for the next five years would make up for the loss of Perkins Loans, which average $2,000.

Students, colleges, universities, teachers, parents and others are mobilizing to speak out about the consequences of this proposal for hundreds of thousands of students. They pledge to demonstrate the public’s support for Perkins Loans and hold lawmakers accountable for their votes.

“In America, we believe in equal opportunity, that everyone should at least have the opportunity or deserves the chance to attend college regardless of their personal finances,” said COHEAO President Alisa Abadinsky, who manages the Perkins Loan Program at the University of Illinois. “Eliminating the Perkins Loan Program will deny countless needy students the ability to attend college.”

COHEAO is asking students, parents and college-access supporters to write their    members of Congress to support the Perkins Loan program. 

For more information, or to find out how to write Congress and see sample letters, go to <www.coheao.org>.

The coalition focuses on legislative and regulatory advocacy for Federal Perkins loans and other campus-based student loan programs. 

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