Civil Rights Groups Focus Attention On Katrina Victims

Civil Rights Groups Focus Attention On Katrina Victims

Civil rights groups have centered much of their attention on victims of Hurricane Katrina, helping with emergency relief and advocating for poor and minority survivors during reconstruction.
Some examples:

– Asian American Justice Center: Staff attorneys are working full time for new policies mandating language access at the Red Cross and federal relief agencies for Asian immigrants during disasters.

– Leadership Council on Civil Rights: Officials are fighting the suspension of federal policies during recovery, including affirmative action rules for awarding contracts and rules that laborers be paid prevailing wages.

– National Association for the Advancement of Colored People: The NAACP is circulating a petition calling for a federally funded victims compensation fund and have provided emergency help to 2,200 survivors and reunited 100 families.

– National Council of La Raza: NCLR is fighting deportation of displaced undocumented Hispanics who registered for assistance; and providing Spanish-language translation for victims seeking federal aid.

– National Urban League: Established the Urban League Katrina Fund with $2.1 million already earmarked to help build houses, find jobs and secure housing for evacuees.

– Rainbow/PUSH Coalition: Launched Rainbow/PUSH Coalition Return Home, busing evacuees back to New Orleans, helping them get jobs and housing.

— Associated Press

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