Survey: Online Students Would Delay Education Without E-Learning Option

Survey: Online Students Would Delay Education Without E-Learning Option

      According to a new survey by, almost half of the nation’s current online students say they are only in school because it is available online. Without the online option, more than 48 percent of respondents would delay their education.

      “These results underscore the reasons why online education has grown exponentially in popularity — its unprecedented convenience and flexibility,” says C.J. DeSantis, founder and president of “Distance learning is changing the landscape of higher education, making it more and more accessible to students at various points in their life.”

      According to DeSantis, a large percentage of the country’s cyber-students are working mothers. Without the online alternative, he says many students would have to forego their degree dreams because attending a physical class is logistically unrealistic. According to the Web-based survey on the company’s Web site, only 6 percent of respondents indicated that they would quit work to focus on their education. Approximately 49 percent would delay their education, while 34 percent said they would consider taking night classes. Another 11 percent noted that they would work part time while going to college.

      “Without the online option, many potential students could delay their education to the point where they never are able to make time for it, and that would be a tragedy,” says DeSantis.

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