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Just the Stats

Just the Stats

with Olivia Pullmann

How Well Are Blacks Represented In Law Schools Today? 

Not well, unfortunately, and some of the Whitest schools are in the Southern states with large Black populations.

From 1995 to 2005, the number of minorities enrolled in law school has jumped by 20 percent. However, the number of Blacks enrolled in law school has slightly declined during the same time period. 

Asians made the largest gains in law school enrollment; their numbers grew to 11,252 during the 2005-2006 academic year, from 7,719 enrolled during the 1995-1996 year. Hispanics also flocked to law schools, with 8,248 Hispanics enrolled in 2005, compared to 6,970 in 1995. American Indian enrollment grew from 1,085 in 1995 to 1,142 in 2005.

Black enrollment went in the opposite direction over the last 10 years; there were 9,126 Blacks enrolled in law school in 2005 compared to 9,779 in 1995.

This appears not to be out of a lack of interest, as applications from Black students have increased over the past decade. Among the least diverse Southern law schools were: Samford University (96.4 percent White), Campbell University (94 percent White)  and the University of South Carolina (92.6 percent White).

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— Figures from the American Bar Association and Law School Admissions Council

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