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What Have You Been Reading Lately, Professor?

What Have You Been Reading Lately, Professor?

Who:  Dr. Walter C. Fleming: Department Head and Professor of Native American Studies, Montana State University

Book: Four Souls, by Louise Erdrich. The story of a NorthDakota Ojibwe woman, Fleur Pillager, who journeysfrom the reservation to Minneapolis to confront the man who stole her land.

Why: “Edrich is unsurpassed as a storyteller who createsthese believable Native and Euro-Americancharacters and settings.”

Who: Dr. Peniel E. Joseph: Assistant Professor of Africana Studies, SUNY-Stony Brook

Book: In Search of the Black Panther Party, New Perspectives on a Revolutionary Movement, an anthology compiled by Jama Lazarow and Yohuru Williams.

Why: “This book attempts to historicize one of the mostcontroversial groups of the 1960s. It tries to be even-handed and scholarly and resist the notion of demonizing the Panthers or turning them into one-dimensional heroes.”

Who: Dr. Juan Cole: Professor of History,  University of Michigan

Book: The One Percent Doctrine, by Ron Suskind, an examination of the “war on terror” through the eyes of U.S. intelligence agencies.

Why: “I read it because it drew back the veil on the philosophy governing Vice President Dick Cheney’sand the Bush administration’s approach to terrorism and its consequences for civil liberties and foreign policy.”

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