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Drumroll, Please…

Drumroll, Please…

Since 2002, the magazine has recognized rising stars in the academy in its first edition of the New Year. In keeping with that tradition, we present 10 outstanding scholars, all representing different disciplines. They, like their predecessors, are all truly stellar.

From a computer scientist to a musicologist, these men and women excel in their respective fields. Every year as the editorial staff combs through the various bios and profiles, we are impressed by the number of exceptional minority scholars from coast to coast. And although recommendations have always been welcome, this is the first year that we solicited nominations, and they poured in from department chairs, associations and individual scholars.

We had our work cut out for us, given that it was not an easy selection process. But we don’t think you’ll be disappointed by this year’s line up. The Emerging Scholar Class of 2007 has a story to tell and offers meaningful advice for up-and-coming academics. As I read the profiles every year, common themes always emerge for me. Besides the fact that many of the scholars are self-proclaimed “over-achievers,” they are also goal-setters. They not only set goals for themselves, they meet them. Secondly, the importance of family or parental influence also comes through. Whether one comes from a single-parent or a two-parent family, you are more likely to excel in school when education is strongly encouraged and held in high regard. Lastly, and I’m sure there are more themes, the scholars are academically and professionally flexible, meaning that they are willing to follow their passions, even if they initially started out on a different path. They have ultimately pursued what truly interests them, and in this case, it’s teaching and research.

Representing the fields of Africana studies; chemistry; computer science; economics; English; human resource studies; law; math; music; and pharmaceutical science, we’re confident that this group will
inspire you like they have inspired us.

And you don’t have to wait until the fall if you have scholars you’d like us to consider for next year’s class. E-mail me any time.

Again, Happy New Year!

Hilary Hurd Anyaso

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