Encouraging Girls to Focus on Their Ph.D., Not Their MTV

Encouraging Girls to Focus on Their Ph.D., Not Their MTV

Academics have long suspected that over-sexualized images of young women can have a detrimental effect on their emotional growth. Now, a study has proven it, and it says minority girls are particularly affected.
In a recent 66-page report, the American Psychological Association says being exposed constantly to images of scantily dressed young women can cause depression, hurt their sense of self and damage sexual maturation.

The APA recommendations for parents include.

‘ Tune in and talk. Be aware of the TV shows and Web sites children are watching, and engage them in discussion. Ask them: “Why is there so much pressure on girls to look a certain way?” “What do you like most about the girls you want to spend time with?” “Do these qualities matter more than how they look?”

‘ Speak up. If you don’t like a TV show, CD, video, pair of jeans or doll, don’t just criticize, explain why. Provide reasons.

‘ Model. Marketing and the media also influence adults. Model appropriate dress and action for your students.

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