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The graduate record – graduate record for colored students

To determine which institutions grant the most graduate and professional degrees to students of color, Black Issues In Higher Education relied on statistics provided by the U.S. Department of Education.


Black Issues acquired the lists of the 100 institutions that grant the most master’s, doctorate and first professional graduate degrees, according to the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) “Completions” survey (1993-94) and “Consolidated” survey (1994).


Those institutions were ranked in order of awards granted to African-American students. In addition, the charts list the number of degrees awarded in the following categories: Hispanic, Asian American, all minority students and all students. Because Native Americans represent such a small number, Black Issues did not list them separately. However, where the total of minority graduates is more than the sum of the individual ethnic groups, the difference is the number of Native Americans who received degrees in that category.

The last column of numbers shows the percentage of the total represented by minority students. Non-resident aliens and those for whom race/ethnicity were unknown were removed from consideration.


In the grids showing the No. 1 producer of degrees by ethnic group, note that the only institutions in consideration were the top 100 degree producers. There may be, for example, an institution that granted more degrees to a particular ethnic group than the one listed here. But if that institution did not produce enough degrees to make it one of the top 100 degree producers in the country, it was not part of this study.


Leading First Professional Degree Producers in Selected Fields of Study, By Race/Ethnicity of Recipients (1993-94)

Field of Study        White




Dentistry             New York University                128


Divinity/Ministry     Southwestern Baptist               255


                      Theological Seminary


Medicine              Indiana University                 221


                      Purdue University at Indianapolis


Pharmacy              University of Illinois             108


Law                   Georgetown University              476


Veterinary Medicine   Ohio State University              117




Field of Study        African-American




Dentistry             Howard University                   28


Divinity/Ministry     Interdenominational                 65


                      Theological Center


Medicine              Wayne State University              40


Pharmacy              Texas Southern University           44


Law                   Georgetown University               69


Veterinary Medicine   Tuskegee University                 22




Field of Study        Hispanic




Dentistry             New York University                 50


Divinity/Ministry     Southeastern  Baptist               12


                      Theological Seminary


Medicine              University of Texas                 30


                      Health Science Center


Pharmacy              NOVA-Southeastern Univ.             13


Law                   University of Texas at Austin       58


Veterinary Medicine   University of California-Davis       8




Field of Study        Asian/Pacific Islander




Dentistry             University of the Pacific           54


Divinity/Ministry     Fuller Theological                  32


                      Seminary of California


Medicine              Northwestern University             62


Pharmacy              University of                       91


                      Southern California


Law                   Loyola Marymount University         43


Veterinary Medicine   Colorado State University            6




                      American Indian/


Field of Study        Alaskan Native




Dentistry             Medical College of Georgia           6


Divinity/Ministry     School of Theology at                2


                      Claremont and Seabury-


                      Western Theological Seminary


Medicine              University of Oklahoma               7


                      Health Science Center


Pharmacy              University of California-            1


                      San Francisco


Law                   University of                        7


                      Michigan-Ann Arbor


Veterinary Medicine   Colorado State University            3


                      and Oklahoma State University


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