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It’s A Small World

For better or for worse, the change of Presidential administrations has produced many global controversies in just a few short months, forcing us to remember how small and fragile our planet is. The issues range from Russian hacking to climate change to travel bans. In August at DiverseBooks, our thoughts turn to global issues and travel. offers discount prices on a variety of titles on this subject to enhance your knowledge and to provide resources for course work. Here are some selections from our publishers:

Turncoats, Traitors, and Fellow Travelers: Culture and Politics of the Early Cold War, by Arthur Redding $45 (List price: $50) University of Mississippi Press, ISBN: 9781604730050, pp. 200.

This book exams how writers and artists dealt with the pressures to conform to notions of conservative consensus during the Cold War. While some were driven into exile or went underground, the book argues that these creative citizens, ranging from William E. B. DuBois to Sylvia Plath, formed a core of resistance to conformity.

Towards a New Map of Africa, by Ben Wisner, Camilla Toulmin, Rutendo Chitiga, and Mary Robinson $121.50 (List Price: $135), Earthscan Publications Ltd., ISBN: 9781844070923, pp. 336.

This book examines a wide range of issues confronting Africa today and reviews development policies affecting the continent. It also assesses Africa’s history, it role in the global economy and the implications for its future.


Gender and Migration, by Caroline Sweetman, $13.06, (List price: $14.51), Oxfam Publishing, ISBN: 9780855983994, pp. 72.

Migrations are perhaps as old as human development itself. Populations have moved over time for a variety of reasons, and migration remains a major force in the world today.  Presenting various perspectives, this book looks at how migration affects women and men differently depending on what motivates the move and what the new environment offers.

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