DeVry happy to move over

Dear Editor,

We read with great enthusiasm your recent article, “Move Over, DeVry,” announcing that historically Black colleges and universities now top the list of the number of computer and information science baccalaureate graduates (see Black Issues, June 22).
We at DeVry are proud to have had the distinction of being one of the top producers of African American computer scientists with bachelor’s degrees during the 1990s. However, Black colleges now top the list in first and second place, and for computer and information science baccalaureate degrees awarded to African Americans in the 1997-98 school year, historically Black colleges have claimed five of the top 10 spots. DeVry’s campus in Decatur, Ga., ranks No. 3 on this year’s list, and three or four other campuses rank in the top 50.
DeVry congratulates the historically Black colleges and universities for moving to the top of the list. We are happy to move over and make room on this list for other colleges and universities as we all work toward bridging the digital divide.
As a nation, we must continue to find ways to provide access to the youth that are not yet a part of the digital revolution, into the high-tech workplace that is so desperate for workers. Their contribution will be crucial in the 21st century. DeVry looks forward to continuing to serve along with the HBCUs so that as a nation, we may cross the digital divide.

Sharon Thomas Parrott
Vice President
External Relations and Student Finance

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