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Commemorating Brown

Commemorating Brown
This is a list of events from selected institutions leading up to the 50th anniversary of Brown V. Board of Education

• Bucknell University
 12/03-4/04: “Brown at 50,” a symposium celebrating the 50th anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court decision

•Harvard University Law School
 4/13/04: panel discussion: Reflections on the Jurisprudence of Justice Thurgood Marshall: A View from His Law Clerks;
 4/15/04: panel: Harvard Law Review Symposium — Brown at 50: From Social Justice to Diversity;
 4/16/04: Brown v. Board of Education and its Aftermath: lecture — Brown and the Montgomery Bus Boycott; lecture —  Prosecution of Defendants of the 16th St. Baptist Church Bombing; keynote address — Reflections on Brown

•Hood College
 3/18/04: The Role of the Individual in Brown: Thurgood Marshall; Kansas: The Unlikely Lead Case; keynote address and book signing, Dr. Waldo Martin, Jr., Brown v. Board of Education: A Brief History with Documents
 3/19/04: Keynote address: Genna Rae McNeil; Frederick Perspectives on Brown, Part I; Connections between Local and National Desegregation Efforts; keynote address: James Patterson; Frederick Perspectives on Brown, Part II, From Hagiography to Historiography: A New Generation of Brown Scholarship; The Color of Justice;
 3/21/04: Theatrical Performance by Hood College Students

•Howard University School of Law
 1/21/04: The Lawyers Who Defeated Separate But Equal, five of the original lawyers who litigated or participated in the Brown case will offer their personal reflections on that historic period;
 2/26/04: Keynote Address: Vernon Jordan, Esq., Lazard Freres and Company;
 3/25/04: Inaugural Nabrit Lecture Speaker, Prof. Charles Ogletree, Harvard Law Professor

•Indiana University – Bloomington
 3/04- 4/04: Film screenings of “Eyes on the Prize: America’s Civil Rights Years 1954-1965”; lecture – “Brown v. Board of Education: What We Gained, What We’re Losing, What We Can Do,” by Dr. Gary Orfield, Harvard School of Education; lecture — renowned civil rights litigator Alvin Chambliss

•Macalester College 
 2/13/04: Keynote address: “Fifty Years Since Brown v. Board of Education: Where Are We Now?” by Professor Kathleen Cleaver
 2/14/04: Panels — “Historical Perspectives on Brown v. Board of Education,” “The Challenges of Black Students at Predominantly White Colleges,” “Black Artistry Fifty Years After Brown v. Board of Education: Image, Message, and Meaning”; Theatrical Performance — “The Diva Daughters Dupree”;
 2/15/04: Panels — “Post Civil Rights: Public Policy and Affirmative Action,” “Complicating Community Definitions of Blackness in Hostile Territories”

•North Carolina Central University
 2/11/04: Discussion — “Segregated Education: Teachers, Principals and Students Discuss Their Experiences Under Segregation”;
 2/20/04: Teacher Education Summit: Reflecting Back, Projecting Forward: Brown v. Board of Education to No Child Left Behind

•North Carolina State University 
 10/18/03: Heritage Day: 50/50, workshops in African dance, step-team choreography, modeling poise, and gospel choir techniques. Other activities include storytelling, face painting, balloons, jewelry making, and mask making, and showcase celebration;
 3/22/04: Video and Heritage Lecture: “Desegregation in Durham 1954-1975”;
 5/21/04: N.C. Bar Association: Brown v. Board of Education Commemoration, a re-argument of Brown before a “Supreme Court” and a panel followed by a breakout session

•Ohio University
 5/13/04: Brown Bag Film Series: “Equity Under the Law: The Lost Generation of Prince Edward County,” “Lemon Grove (Mexican Americans in California),” “The Road to Brown” and “Where Do We Go From Here?”;
 5/17/04: Panel Discussion and Lunch: “What Lead to Brown v. Board of Education,” “The Declaration of Independence and Brown,” “Activism Ten Years Later” and “Where Do We Go From Here.”

•University of Iowa 
 10/3/03: Lecture — “From Measured Inclusion to Measured Exclusion: The Contradictory Experiences of African Americans and U.S. Indigenous Peoples”;
 11/14/03: Lecture — “Colonial (Counter) Inscriptions: 19th-Century Captives of the American Indian Assimilation Policy”;
 4/2/04: Lecture — “Freedom Was All They Had to Begin With: Civil Rights in the Age of Emancipation”

•University of Illinois-Urbana at Champaign
 4/16/04: Lecture — A Talk Back With Choreographers Karen Love, Reggie Wilson joined by Ralph Lemon. “Brown v. Board of Ed and the Creative Process: How Contemporary Artists Imagine Their Rights, Abilities, and Access in Contemporary America”;
 4/10 – 5/15/04: Exhibit: “A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste: A History of the UNCF and its Advertising Campaign”;

•University of Maryland
 4/16/04: Symposium: “With All Deliberate Speed: Considering Brown v. Board of Education Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, a day-long community/scholar dialogue;
 4/22/04: Silent Covenants: Brown v. Board of Education and the Unfulfilled Hopes for Racial Reform;
 4/29/04: The Decision: Brown v. Board of Education Revisited. A verbatim re-enactment of the arguments before the Supreme Court

•University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
 1/12/04: Opening Lecture, MLK Symposium: “A Conversation with the Brown Sisters”
 2/04: Book Discussion: “Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?” : And Other Conversations About Race;
 2/8/04: HBCU alums: Critical Conversations in Leadership Opportunities at Historically Black Colleges and Universities

•University of South Carolina
 2/5/04: “Brown v. Board of Education – A Presentation and Discussion on the Landmark Supreme Court Decision from a Historical Perspective”;
 4/20/04: “Miles Completed – Miles To Go: Race Relations Today in the South Carolina Upstate”;
 9/04 – 2/05: Exhibition – “Courage: The Carolina Story Behind Brown v. Board of Education”

•University of Florida Levin College of Law
 3/26/04: Opening Keynote: “Brown at 50: Educational Inequality from Reconstruction to Resegregation”; Plenary Roundtable I – Perspectives on Equality/ Breakout Workshops: Teaching Our Children and Ourselves About Equality, Children’s Role in the Struggle for Justice, Then and Now, Was Brown Really About Bringing Black and White Together in Schools?, Weighing the Costs and Benefits of Integration, The Politics of Education Reform, The Legacy of Brown at the Grassroots, What We Can do in Our Communities?, What We Can do in Our Schools and Universities?, What We Can do in Our Courts and Legislatures?; Plenary Roundtable II – Assessing the Legacy of Brown; Lunch Keynote: “Brown at 50: A Promise Betrayed?”; Plenary Roundtable III – Realizing the Promise of Brown; Closing Plenary: Beyond Brown 

•University of Vermont
 4/04: Two-day Symposium: Looking Back, Looking Forward: The Unfinished Business Of Brown v. The Board Of Education
 4/9/04: Workshops: “The Unfinished Business of Brown: Preparing Educators to Help Fulfill the Promise”; “Shaping Hispanic Identity: The U.S. Agenda”; “Our Reality: A Promise Deferred No More…”

•Washburn University School of Law
 11/1/03: Continuing Legal Education Program Brown v. Board of Education Revisited: 50th Anniversary Symposium: Perspective on Brown: The Historian’s Point of View; From Desegregation to Affirmative Action: The Legacy of Brown v. Board of Education; Perspective on Brown: An Irish Point of View; Personal Perspective: A Native Kansan and African American Relates the Impact of Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka on his Educational and Professional Journey; Perspective on Brown: A First Nation Point of View; Brown, Hernandez, and the Desegregative Ideal: Higher Education and Racial College Identity; Perspective on Brown: A Northern European Point of View

•Washington and Lee University
 3/20/04: Student panelists: Segregated Higher Education in the U.S. Today, Historically Black Colleges and Universities Past, Present, and Future; School Segregation in the U.S. Before and After Brown v Board: Just the Facts; Miscegenation in the Civil Rights Movement; Milliken v. Bradley and White Flight in Detroit; School Integration in Norfolk: One city’s struggles; Documentary film “The Intolerable Burden” followed by lecture and discussion;
 3/21/04: Lecture: Brown and the Discourse of Cultural Pluralism; Brown v. Board of Education: Law or Politics?; The Forgotten Ones: Prince Edward County and Brown v. Board; Lecture: Acting White, Acting Black or Not Acting at All” Confronting the Ogbu hypothesis about Black academic underachievement; Scholars Panel and Wrap-up; Optional Break Away Discussion Groups 

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