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Grace and elan: 1996 Arthur Ashe nominations – awards for athletic and academic excellence – Cover Story

For the third year in a row, Black Issues In Higher Education honors college students of color who excel in both their academic and their athletic pursuits. They have all proved their commitment to the pursuit of excellence by working hard and — literally — playing by the rules.

By this they exemplify the spirit of Arthur Ashe Jr., for whom our award is named, and who set for us all an example of clear-sighted dedication.

All those who are listed on our sports-scholar teams, shown on the following pages, deserve hearty congratulations for their hard work. But our two top winners stand out for their accomplishments.

Christina M. Thomaskutty, a senior at Tulane University, has earned a cumulative grade point average of 3.75 while majoring in finance and is an outstanding basketball player, holding Tulane’s record — male or female — for three-point shots. Over the course of her career she has scored 1,296 points.

Thomaskutty exemplifies another aspect of what we consider to be essential for a winner of the Arthur Ashe Jr. Award — commitment to community service. She is a member of the Tulane University Senate and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and has volunteered at Children’s Hospital for the past three years.

Jacque Vaughn, a junior All-American at the University of Kansas, is well-known to fans of men’s basketball. He is a leader both on and off the court of the nationally-ranked Jayhawk basketball team. Perhaps less well known is that while excelling in his sport, he has maintained a cumulative grade point average of 3.70 in the field of business administration.

When Vaughn is not handing out assists on the court, he is assisting the Special Olympics and Camp Jayhawk.

Anyone who has ever tried to pursue two dreams at once knows how difficult it can be. These students have done so with grace and elan.

The honorees were selected by first soliciting nominations from every college in the nation. Sadly, not all colleges participated. But those who did nominated more than 560 students of color who excel as part of an intercollegiate athletic team, have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher and a demonstrated record of service to the institution or community.

Only those students who have completed two full academic years (one year if attending a two-year institution) are eligible.

To all those who were nominated, the staff of Black Issues salutes you and your families for a job well done.


ALL DIVISIONS Fall '95 GPA CUM Magee, Thomas N. JR 4.00 3.85 Psych & Soc Vasquez, Joel R. SO 3.75 3.74 Computer Science Centeno, Sean SR 3.56 3.59 Health Educ Melendez, Mervyl SR 3,63 3.57 Bus Admin Fernandez, Daniel JR 3,80 3.39 Management Aviles, Jesus JR 3,80 3.27 Poi Sci/Crimgy Long, Israel SR 3,55 3.23 Human Prform Ministral, Jose J. SR 3.48 3.21 Athl Trng Robinson, William JR 2.85 3.20 Chemistry Williams, Anthony SR 3.66 3.2 Polit Science Alvares, Lance JR 3.00 3.15 Indus Design Magee, Thomas N. University of Mississippi Vasquez, Joel R. Southern Union State Community College Centeno, Sean University of Arkansas at Little Rock Melendez, Mervyl Bethune-Cookman College Fernanoez, Daniel Barry University Aviles, Jesus Barry University Long, Israel San Jose State University Ministral, Jose J. Springfield College Robinson, William University of Chicago Williams, Anthony Tulane University Alvares, Lance San Jose State University Softball Williams, Cora SR 4.00 3.76 Accounting Brewer, Benita L. SR N/A 3.67 Crim Jus/Law Montas, Sunny May JR 3.46 3.55 Law & Justice Montenegro, Melanie M. JR 3.30 3.31 Pol Sci/Spanish Thomas, Tracy M. SO 3.40 3.28 Mass Communctns Oastaneda, Gina SR 3.76 3.25 Finance Lopez, Jennifer SR 3.80 3.24 Hlth & Wlns Mitchell, Sharon SO 3.14 3.19 Psychology Kobata Terri SR 3.41 3.16 Sociology Robert, Kristen SR 3.80 3.15 Education Quintero, Valerie JR 3.40 3.15 Human Prform Johnson, Nicole M. JR 3.21 3.04 Hmn Nut & Diet Johnson, Angela L SO 2.75 3.04 Pre-Phys Therpy Williams, Cora Morgan State University Brewer, Benita L. St. Paul's College Montas, Sunny May Trenton State College Montenegro, Melanie M. Binghamton University Thomas, Tracy M. Long Beach City College Oastaneda, Gina Loyola Marymount University Lopez, Jennifer University of Minnesota Mitchell, Sharon Chabot Community College Kobata Terri University of Notre Dame Robert, Kristen Northeast Missouri State University Quintero, Valerie San Jose State University Johnson, Nicole M. Colorado State University Johnson, Angela L Hinds Community College Men's Basketball DIVISION I Fall '95 GPA CUM Miskel, Chris SR 3.38 3.79 Accounting Vaughn, Jacque JR 3.79 3.70 Bus Admin Harrison Nico T. SR 3.50 3.62 Biomed Sci Hernandez, Johnny SR 3.29 3.51 Zoolgy/Pre-Med Beyina, Maurice JR 3.13 3.50 Env Eng Tech Smith, Shannon Grad 3.44 3.46 Commty Cnstng Abdel-Khaliq, Ha-Keem SR 3.56 3.46 Mgmt Admn Franklin, Darryl SR 3.25 3.33 Justice Pierce, Colby JR 3.20 3.32 Marketing Hoover, Jason JR 3.40 3.24 Psycny/Soc Oloko, Akintoye Oladipo JR 3.65 3.20 Elec Eng Newman, Victor SR 2.71 3.17 Mgmt & Admn Jenkins, Herman SR 3.67 3.15 Hist/Pre-Law Moore, Javone JR 3.40 3.14 Mngemnt/Mrktg DIVISION II, NAIA, NJCAA Saulsberry, Kelvin JR 3.94 3.93 Bus Adm/Mgnt Mendez, Kirk SR 3.77 3.81 Pre-Med Belinfanti, Gregory SR 3.63 3.69 Politics Butler, Alex JR 3.70 3.65 Phys Educ Peel, Corey SR 3 44 3.62 Hlth/PE/Rec Nelson, Kadir SR 3.61 3.61 Illustration Kaba, Daye JR 3.38 3.43 Phil/Pol/Law Medina, Rolando JR 3.40 3.41 Accounting Williams, Kirk SR 3.40 3.39 Criminology Barnes, Carey SO 3.25 3.33 Engineering Best, Davis S. SO 3.20 3.30 Business Admin Awantang, Mark JR 3.75 3.29 Biology Thoms, Kenneth R. JR 2.80 3.20 Accounting Lewis, Billy SR N/A 3.20 Bus Admin DIVISION I Miskel, Chris Butler University Vaughn, Jacque University of Kansas Harrison Nico T. Montana State University Hernandez, Johnny Eastern Illinois University Beyina, Maurice University of Dayton Smith, Shannon University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Abdel-Khaliq, Ha-Keem Iowa State University Franklin, Darryl American University Pierce, Colby Austin Peay State University Hoover, Jason Manhattan College Oloko, Akintoye Oladipo University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Newman, Victor Univ. of North Carolina at Asheville Jenkins, Herman University of Detroit Mercy Moore, Javone Canisius College DIVISION II, NAIA, NJCAA Saulsberry, Kelvin Rust College Mendez, Kirk Barry University Belinfanti, Gregory New York University Butler, Alex Rhode Island College Peel, Corey Rust College Nelson, Kadir Pratt Institute Kaba, Daye Binghamton University Medina, Rolando Barry University Williams, Kirk Indiana University of Pennsylvania Barnes, Carey Hillsborough Community College Best, Davis S. SUNY at Farmingdale Awantang, Mark Washington College Thoms, Kenneth R. BYU-Hawaii Lewis, Billy Life College Women's Basketball DIVISION I Fall '95 GPA CUM Alexander, Thais SR 3.00 3.78 Polit Sci/English Thomaskutty, Christina SR 3.73 3.75 Finance Evans, Winnetta A. SR 2.25 3.17 Accounting Wilson, Kandice JR 3.60 3.68 Telecommun Dixon, Susan JR 3.87 364 Anthropology Jones, Nikki JR 3.20 3.58 Crim Just Thomas, Michelle C. SR 4.00 3.56 English Turner, Joi JR 3.81 3.39 Speech Path Mayes, Cynthia JR 2.90 3.32 Sprt Admin Gosa, Michelle SR 3.70 3.32 Pre-Medicine Franklin, Kelly JR 3.30 3.23 Mass Comm Deberry, Shonda R. Grad 3.20 3.21 Hum Svcs/Cnslg Bryant, Kimberly SR 3.03 3.20 Sociology Sanders, Nikki JR 3.19 3.19 Engineering DIVISION II, III, NAIA, NJCAA Lo, Marieme JR 4.00 3.86 Comp Sci Brewer, Benita L. SR N/A 3.67 Crim Jus/Law Dhaliwal, Kanwarpal SR 3.75 3.41 Int'l Rltns Webb, Regina JR 3.8 3.40 Psychology Jones, Janara N. SR 3.37 3.38 Accounting Poindexter, Belinda SR 3.00 3.31 Psychology Smith, Demethis SR 3.63 3.21 PE Education Stevens, Reagan JR 3.56 3.20 Sociology Jordan, Stephanie SR 3.53 3.11 Psychology Gary, Amanda E. SR 3.08 3.08 Biology Richardson, Christine JR 3.00 3.00 Rec Admin Morrison, Sakari SR N/A 3.00 Politics Ward, Edwina O. SO 3.39 3.17 Chemistry DIVISION I Alexander, Thais Canisius College Thomaskutty, Christina Tulane University Evans, Winnetta A. Marshall University Wilson, Kandice Morgan State University Dixon, Susan University of Missouri-Columbia Jones, Nikki St. Joseph's University (PA) Thomas, Michelle C. Texas Tech University Turner, Joi San Jose State University Mayes, Cynthia Pepperdine University Gosa, Michelle Western Illinois University Franklin, Kelly Bethune-Cookman College Deberry, Shonda R. Old Dominion University Bryant, Kimberly Tulane University Sanders, Nikki Manhattan College DIVISION II, III, NAIA, NJCAA Lo, Marieme Central State University Brewer, Benita L. St. Paul's College Dhaliwal, Kanwarpal Mills College Webb, Regina Northern Kentucky University Jones, Janara N. Virginia Union University Poindexter, Belinda Texas A&M University-Kingsville Smith, Demethis Limestone College Stevens, Reagan Binghamton University Jordan, Stephanie Northern Kentucky University Gary, Amanda E. Rust College Richardson, Christine Lynn University Morrison, Sakari Pomona College Ward, Edwina O. Sinclair Community College Football DIVISION I FALL '95 GPA CUM FIRST TEAM Straghn, Deadrick SR 4.00 3.90 Pre-Law Magee, Thomas N. JR 4.00 3.85 Psych & Soc Sandhu, Manvir SR 4.00 3.82 Accounting Thompson, Willie JR 3.79 3.78 Elect Engin Burns, Greg Grad 4.00 3.75 Ldrsp/Cnslg Psy Williams, Michael JR 4.00 3.73 Accounting McCrorey, Andye Grad 3.33 3.65 Grad-Socolgy Brereton, Andy SR 3.42 3.65 Finance Walker, David SR 3.65 3.64 Political Sci Thorne, Marcus SR 3.92 3 635 Biology Campbell, Chris JR 3.84 3.63 Accounting Lee, Reggie JR 3.81 3.62 Psychology Shepherd, Reuel Jabbar JR 3.25 3.58 Geography Scott, Marvell SR 3.74 3.54 Pre-Med/Comun Vinh, Baominh SR 3.d4 3.47 Coma Sci SECOND TEAM FALL '95 GPA CUM Woodie, Raymond SR 3.48 3.45 Criminal Just Lockett, Kevin SR 3.65 3.44 Accounting Fowlkes, Christopher Grad N/A 3.40 Law School Cola, Christopher JR 3.05 3.40 Accounting Hertz, Carlin JR 3.80 3.40 Comp. Sci Benson, Malcolm K. SR 3.40 3.40 Elect Engin Flowers, Devin JR 3.20 3.40 Chemistry Evans, Marlon SR 3.43 3.39 Political Sci Barber, Atiim (Tiki) JR 3.08 3.35 Commerce McKenzie, Ray JR 3.41 3.34 Elem Educ Clawson, Elton S. JR 4.00 3.32 Clin Lab Sci Pogue, Alphonso JR 3.20 3.30 Spec Educ Brown, LaShone E. SR 3.77 3.28 Biology Fa'avae, Limitusi SR 2.92 3.27 Pol Sci/Pre-Law Vanley, Justin JR 3.00 3.26 Hlth Science THIRD TEAM Barnum, Terrence J. SR 3.29 3.24 Communctn Moore, Jerrell JR 3.60 3.23 English Rooney, Christopher SR 3.20 3.22 Psychology Thompson, Larry JR 3.24 3.21 Chem Engin Levingston, Waymon SR 3.77 3.21 Polit Science Hammons, Terry SR 3.43 3.21 English Downing, Keith JR 3.66 3.21 Pre-Medicine Williams, Damon SR 3.60 3.20 Criminal Just Richardson, Wally SR 3.00 3.20 Admn of Just Feagin, John SR 3.60 3.20 Finance Harrison, Chris Grad 4.00 3,19 Soc Educ Bilbo III, James SR 3.78 3.19 Mngemnt/Mrktg Ortiz, Javier SR 3.19 3.17 Pub Reltions Granados, Marion R. SR 3.75 3.17 Mechl Eng Vasquez, Ramon SR 3.59 3.16 Math DIVISION II, III, NAIA, NJCAA Alan, Rodney K. SR 4.00 3.96 Bio/Pre-Med Rogers, Paul SR 3.52 3.68 Psychy/Mus Dorcil, Job JR 3.75 3.58 Biology Clark, Leon Che JR 3.50 3.45 Commnc/Pol Sci Smith, Richard SR 3.67 3.40 Education Castillo, Hector R. SR 3.42 3.40 Biology Lampkin, Carlos SR 2.92 3.39 Agri Econ Cheatam, Jerome JR 3.08 3.38 Mass Comm Tillman, Harry SR 3.33 3.37 Accounting Casillas, Esiquio G. SR 3.67 3.34 Kinesiology Wells, Jimmie JR 3.30 3.30 Economics Faye, Momodou L. SR 4.00 3.30 Accntg/Mktg Taylor, Alyetoro SR 4.00 3.25 Poli Sci Moore, Jr., Roderick SR 3.30 3.20 Psychology Vaughn, Derek SR 3.07 3.11 Acctg/Mgmt Hovze, Dylan JR 3.00 3.10 Polit Science DIVISION I FIRST TEAM Straghn, Deadrick Bethune-Cookman College Magee, Thomas N. University of Mississippi Sandhu, Manvir California Polytechnic State Univ. Thompson, Willie Morgan State University Burns, Greg Washington State University Williams, Michael Southwest Texas State University McCrorey, Andye Clemson University Brereton, Andy Western Michigan University Walker, David Stanford University Thorne, Marcus University of Notre Dame Campbell, Chris Southern Methodist University Lee, Reggie Northeast Louisiana University Shepherd, Reuel Jabbar Murray State University Scott, Marvell University of Delaware Vinh, Baominh U.S. Naval Acadmey SECOND TEAM Woodie, Raymond Bethune-Cookman College Lockett, Kevin Kansas State University Fowlkes, Christopher University of Minnesota Cola, Christopher University of Mississippi Hertz, Carlin Alabama State University Benson, Malcolm K. Hampton University Flowers, Devin Alabama State University Evans, Marlon Stanford University Barber, Atiim (Tiki) University of Virginia McKenzie, Ray University of Virginia Clawson, Elton S. Western Carolina University Pogue, Alphonso Alabama State University Brown, LaShone E. Univ. of Tennessee at Martin Fa'avae, Limitusi Utah State University Vanley, Justin New Mexico State University THIRD TEAM Barnum, Terrence J. University of Southern California Moore, Jerrell South Carolina State University Rooney, Christopher Northwestern University Thompson, Larry Rice University Levingston, Waymon University of Wyoming Hammons, Terry College of William & Mary Downing, Keith Syracuse University Williams, Damon Alabama State University Richardson, Wally Penn State University Feagin, John Alabama State University Harrison, Chris University of Virginia Bilbo III, James McNeese State University Ortiz, Javier San Jose State University Granados, Marion R. University of Alabama Vasquez, Ramon U.S. Naval Academy DIVSION II, III, NAIA, NJCAA Alan, Rodney K. Morehouse College Rogers, Paul Univ. Mass-Boston Dorcil, Job Indiana University of Pennsylvania Clark, Leon Che Methodist College Smith, Richard Fort Valley State College Castillo, Hector R. Occidental College Lampkin, Carlos Fort Valley State College Cheatam, Jerome North Dakota State University Tillman, Harry University of Northern Colorado Casillas, Esiquio G. Occidental College Wells, Jimmie University of Chicago Faye, Momodou L. Cumberland Univ. Taylor, Alyetoro Fort Valley State College Moore, Jr., Roderick Morehouse College Vaughn, Derek Morehouse College Hovze, Dylan Morehouse College Men's Soccer FIRST TEAM Fall '95 GPA CUM Martinez, Columba SR 4.00 3.92 Comr Sci Anderson, Kurt SR 3.80 3.82 Mgmt Info Sys Lou, Ron SR 3.98 3.75 Pre-Phys Thrpy Wilson, David JR 3.34 3.72 Bus Mngmnt Joseph, Anthony SR 4.00 3.66 Bio/Pre-Med Knowles, Khary SR 3.93 3.45 Sec Ed/Math Isaac, Jason JR 3.72 3.34 Civil Engin Faye, Momodou L. SR 4.00 3.30 Accntg/Mktg SECOND TEAM Fall '95 GPA CUM Ferrer, Raul SR 3.80 3.28 Fin/Intl Bus Daley, Conroy SR 3.08 3.20 Finance Hinojosa, Pat JR 3.28 3.01 Chem Eng n Hayes, Lyle M. JR 2.40 3.20 Polit Sci Smith, Michael JR 3.50 3.19 Religion Lear, Jeff JR 3.00 3.13 Civil Engin Marshall, John SR 3.20 3.10 Int'l Rltns Kragha, Eki SR 3.73 3.07 Comp Sci Green, Jamahl Abebe SR 3.40 3.05 Humn Res Devl FIRST TIME Martinez, Columba Stevens Institute of Technology Anderson, Kurt Barry University Lou, Ron California State Univ. Northridge Wilson, David Monmouth University Joseph, Anthony Charleston Southern University Knowles, Khary University of Portland Isaac, Jason California State University, Sacramento Faye, Momodou L. Cumberland Univ. SECOND TEAM Ferrer, Raul Georgetown University Daley, Conroy Manhattan College Hinojosa, Pat Penn State University Hayes, Lyle M. California State Univ, Dmngz Hills Smith, Michael Emory University Lear, Jeff Penn State University Marshall, John Westmar University Kragha, Eki Stevens Institute of Technology Green, Jamahl Abebe Clemson University Women's Soccer Dey, Dena SR 3.51 3.38 Amer Stud Dalton, Yvonne JR 3.60 3.38 English & Span Sul, Florie SR 3.93 3.34 Liberal Stud Williams, Denise JR 3.25 3.30 Ind Engin Kassis, Kolleen SR 3.27 3.10 Biolgcl Sci Kragha, Eki SR 3.73 307 Computer Scienc Morrison, Sakari SR N/A 3.00 Politics Dey, Dena Stanford University Dalton, Yvonne Loyola Marymount University Sul, Florie San Jose State University Williams, Denise Virginia Tech University Kassis, Kolleen California Polytechnic State Univ. Kragha, Eki Stevens Institute of Technology Morrison, Sakari Pomona College Field Hockey Nguyen, Baochi JR 2.91 3.13 English Butcher, Crystal JR 3.20 3.01 Biology Nguyen, Baochi Stanford University Butcher, Crystal Goucher College Ice Hockey Meek Darren SR 3.80 3.29 Phys Educ University of Alaska Anchorage Men's Swimming/Diving Fall '95 GPA CUM Amr, Omar JR 3.80 3.50 Biolgcl Sci Estrada, Alvaro SR 3.74 3.48 Psychology Devitre, Zal JR 3.73 3.43 Int Politics Kla, Koffi JR 3.29 3.38 Pre-Med/Zoolgy Sudoh, Kenji SR 3.36 3.25 Bio/Physiology Lin, Jacki JR 3.32 3.02 Anthro/Hum Bio Amr, Omar University of California, Irvine Estrada, Alvaro Loyola Marymount University Devitre, Zal Georgetown University Kla, Koffi Auburn University Sudoh, Kenji University of Minnesota Lin, Jacki Emory University Women's Swimming/Diving Dilworth, Deirdre SR 3.60 3.60 Span/Communc Allick, Christina JR 4.00 3.55 Psych Lind, Sandra C. SR 3.29 3.48 Biolgcal Sci Tanaka, Renee JR 3.21 3.47 Ocean Eng Allick, Indira SR 3.92 3.31 Plan II Honors Dilworth, Deirdre North Carolina State University Allick, Christina University of Texas at Austin Lind, Sandra C. Colorado State University Tanaka, Renee U.S. Naval Academy Allick, Indira University of Texas at Austin Men's Crew Scott, Gulliver JR 3.80 3.10 Lat Am Stud Wesleyan University Women's Judo Okino, Nicole SR 3.38 3.02 Spc Path/Audlgy San Jose State University Women's Crew Liem, Melissa A. JR 3.07 3.26 Hm Bio/Pre-Md Mapua, Irene U. JR 3.00 3.22 Bus Admin Liem, Melissa A. University of Kansas Mapua, Irene U. Loyola Marymount University Men's Gymnastics Fall '95 GPA CUM Sykes, Kenneth JR 3.87 3.60 Chemistry Frasco, Ryan JR 3.08 3.14 Biology Sykes, Kenneth Temple University Frasco, Ryan San Jose State University Women's Gymnastics Winston, Kiya SR 3.46 3.11 Psychology College of William & Mary Men's Tennis Fall '95 GPA CUM Krishnamurthy, Prasad JR 3.8 3.80 Chemistry Dence, Victor E. SR 3.43 3.66 Commun Std Tepoara, Dino JR 3.38 3.62 Philosophy Chang, Chris JR 3.34 3.40 Finance Azcarate, Juan JR 3.80 3.28 Int'l Bus Pressley, Fred SR 3.45 3.22 Bic/Pre-Med Leal, Eddy SR 3.48 3.06 Marketing Fall '95 GPA CUM Krishnamurthy, Prasad University of Chicago Dence, Victor E. Loyola Marymount University Tepoara Dino University of Nebraska-Lincoln Chang, Chris Penn State University Azcarate, Juan Bradley University Pressley Fred Walsh University Leal, Eddy Duouesne University Women's Tennis FIRST TEAM Martinez, Columba SR 4.00 3.92 Computer Science Goodwin, Sonya JR 2.90 3.60 Chemistry Mercnam, Divya JR 3.88 3.50 Psychology Kim, Etissa SR 3.50 3.44 Hist/Econ Lott, Kristina SR 3.60 3.42 Psychology Smith, Audrey SR 3.25 3.36 Accounting Parker, Pakesia JR 3.40 3.32 Mass Comm SECOND TEAM McCareary, Amira SR 3.20 3.30 Elem Educ Abram, Stacey JR 3.40 3.28 Diet & Nutr Petrov, sabeta JR 3.25 3.13 Bus Admin Matare, Zillah SR 3.50 3.10 History DeSilva, Sandra JR 3.06 3.06 Psychology Yang, Annie JR 2.60 3.04 Accounting Lehman, Tricia SR 3.67 3.00 Hm Dv/Fro Std FIRST TEAM Martinez, Columba Stevens Institute of Technology Goodwin, Sonya Alabama State University Mercnam, Divya University of Florida Kim, Etissa Northwestern University Lott, Kristina Pomona College Smith, Audrey Western Michigan University Parker, Pakesia Bethune-Cookman College SECOND TEAM McCareary, Amira Lincoln University Abram, Stacey Western Illinois University Petrov, sabeta Pepperdine University Matare, Zillah Alabama State University DeSilva, Sandra Stanford University Yang, Annie University of Nebraska-Lincoln Lehman, Tricia Penn State University Men's Golf Davis, Daniel SR 3.62 3.60 History/Educ Grandison, Gary JR 3.20 3.20 Bus Finance Davis, Daniel SR Tennessee State University Grandison, Gary JR Alabama State University Fencing Suggs, Monica SR 3.58 3.00 Engrg Mgmt Suggs, Monica Stevens Institute of Technology Men's Volleyball Contreras, Ivan JR 2.94 3.23 Elect Engin Penn State University Women's Volleyball FIRST TEAM Okeke, Kiki SR 4.00 3.83 Crirr Just Chimbanda, Clarisse JR 3.28 3.61 Physical Therapy McGadney, Erica SR 4.00 3.60 Como Inf Syst Kitson, Zahra JR 3.73 3.54 Lat Am Stds Brassell, Nikki SR 3.46 3.41 Bio Eduction Noukelak, Leslie C. SR 4.00 3.40 Finance SECOND TEAM Slade, Lynelle JR 3.51 3.39 Bic/Pre-Med Meredith, Michel JR 2.80 3.30 Biology Albritton, Kim SR 3.33 3.19 Urban Std Page, Taro JR 3.00 3.14 Special Educ Sandidge, Pla JR 3.20 3.00 Elem Educ DIVISION II, III, NAIA, NJCAA deSilva, Nimalie SR 3.58 3.67 Bio/Psych Brewer, Benita L. SR N/A 3.67 Crim/Jus/Law McNair, Kimaka JR N/A 3.46 Chemistry Whyte, Mariama JR 3.917 3.32 English Grant, Jane JR 3.45 3.22 Bus Admin Smith, Demethis SR 3.63 3.21 PE Education Miller, Jessica SR 3.25 3.10 Comp Int Syst Hoyte, Shirley JR 3.54 3.08 Bus Adm/Mrktg FIRST TEAM Okeke, Kiki Georgia State University Chimbanda, Clarisse Cleveland State University McGadney, Erica Alabama State University Kitson, Zahra Georgetown University Brassell, Nikki University of Delaware Noukelak, Leslie C. Univ. of North Carolina at Wilmington SECOND TEAM Slade, Lynelle Virginia Tech University Meredith, Michel Alabama State University Albritton, Kim Georg a State University Page, Taro Austin Peay State University Sandidge, Pla Alabama State University DIVISION II, III, NAIA, NJCAA deSilva, Nimalie Emory University Brewer, Benita L. St, Paul's College McNair, Kimaka Fort Valley State College Whyte, Mariama College of Wooster Grant, Jane University ol New Haven Smith, Demethis Limestone College Miller, Jessica Mississippi University for Women Hoyte, Shirley University ol New Haven Lacrosse Butcher, Crystal JR 3.20 3.01 Biology Goucher College Men's Track & Field/Cross Country DIVISION I Fall '95 GPA CUM FIRST TEAM Singleton, Jefferson E. JR 3.81 3.88 Elec Eng Falconer, Brendon JR 3.53 3.77 Bus/Accntng Leach, Maurice JR 3.50 3.76 Pre-Business Bruno, Dcnald SR 3.66 3.75 Bus-Mrktg Brereton, Andy SR 3.42 3.65 Finance Labrador, Ramon JR 3.56 3.64 Civil Engin Scott, John JR 3.25 3.58 Grim Justice Jones, Ahmik SR 3.65 3.51 Biochemistry Dunwoody, Rodney JR 3.57 3.50 Accounting Guerrier, Jean JR 3.50 3.48 Nursing SECOND TEAM Navarro, Luis JR 3.50 3.47 Hlth Sci Educ Boydon, Juanito SR 3.41 3.38 Math Barber, Atiim(Tiki) JR 3.08 3.35 Commerce Guiteau, Pierre JR 3.45 3.33 Political Sci Mosley, Chris JR 3.05 3.30 Biology Woolfolk, Dion JR 3.44 3.30 Elem Ed/His Coins, Nate JR 3.52 3.18 Mktg/Intl Bus Wallace, Dominick SR 3.10 3.17 Cnslg Educ Gardner, Nell JR 3.62 3.17 Biochemistry Lampkin, Matthew JR 3.07 3.14 Inf Mngt Tech DIVISION II, III, NAIA, NJCAA Theissen, Kevin N. SR 3.67 3.58 Geology Jones, Kevin SR 3.70 3.54 History Sangosanya, Afolabi SR 3.60 3.49 Biochemistry Idowu, Olumide JR 3.38 3.46 Biology Wallace, Steve SR 3.23 3.43 Phys Educ Sims, Damon SR 3.20 3.43 Comp Sci Kaba, Daye JR 3.38 3.43 Phil Pot/Law Adams, Marvin JR 3.56 3.39 Kinlgy K-12 Cheatam, Jerome JR 3.08 3.38 Mass Comm Tillman, Harry SR 3.33 3.37 Accounting Russell, Jared A. SR 3.30 3.30 Hlth/PE Miller, Tyrone SR 3.80 3.25 Psychology Wallace, Rodney L SR 3 75 3.23 Math/PE Moore, Jr., Roderick SR 3.30 3.20 Psychology Cuttle, Jermaine JR 2.57 3.04 Bus Mngmnt DIVISION I FIRST TEAM Singleton, Jefferson E. University of Colorado Falconer, Brendon Kent State University Leach, Maurice Kent State University Bruno, Dcnald Indiana University Brereton, Andy Western Michigan University Labrador, Ramon University of Nebraska-Lincoln Scott, John University of Cincinnati Jones, Ahmik California Polytechnic State Univ. Dunwoody, Rodney Bethune-Cookman College Guerrier, Jean Bethune-Oookman College SECOND TEAM Navarro, Luis University of Florida Boydon, Juanito U.S. Naval Academy Barber, Atiim(Tiki) University of Virginia Guiteau, Pierre Bethune-Cookman College Mosley, Chris Washington State University Woolfolk, Dion University of Virginia Coins, Nate Penn State University Wallace, Dominick University of Virginia Gardner, Nell University of Michigan Lampkin, Matthew Syracuse University DIVISION II, III, NAIA, NJCAA Theissen, Kevin N. Carleton College Jones, Kevin Bowie State University Sangosanya, Afolabi Binghamton University Idowu, Olumide Eureka College Wallace, Steve Virg nia State University Sims, Damon Oklahoma Christian Univ Kaba, Daye Bingnamton University Adams, Marvin University of Northern Colorado Cheatam, Jerome North Dakota State University Tillman, Harry University of Northern Colorado Russell, Jared A. Morehouse College Miller, Tyrone Ambassador University Wallace, Rodney L Wayland Baptist Univ Moore, Jr., Roderick Morehouse College Cuttle, Jermaine Harding University Women's Track & Field/Cross Country DIVISION I FIRST TEAM Fall '95 GPA CUM Warner, Te-Mika JR 4.00 4.00 Psychology Codrington, Jamila JR 3.87 3.89 Psyc/Af Am Std Hicks, Celesta SR 3.80 3.80 Hosp & Tourism Amador, Eileen SR 3.41 3.66 Constrn Mgmt Sanchez, Elizabeth SR 4.00 3.60 Biology Tweedy, Demeika JR 3.60 3.57 Info Systems Johnson, Kim Grad 3.55 3.55 Counslr Educ Henry, Dahlia SR 2.75 3.52 Pre-Phys Thrpy White, Sharese M. JR 3.67 3.49 Biochm/Mlc Bio Roundtree, Vontrell JR 3.18 3.49 Exercise Sci Gillies, Colleen JR 3.80 3.47 Chemistry Martial, Nicola SR 3.60 3.46 Polit Science Adam, Andrea SR 3.71 3.41 Sports Medicine Dey, Dena SR 3.51 3.38 Amer Stud SECOND TEAM Collins, Keana JR 3.32 3.34 Child Dvlpmt Hinderlie, Keri Grad 3.16 3.31 Mast Pub Admn Gordon, Nadine N. JR 3.30 3.30 Biology Roberts, Carleen A. JR 2.67 3.29 Graph Dsign Clary, Melanie JR 3.67 3.29 Exerc Physlgy Straker, Melissa JR 3.13 3.28 Mngrl Stud/Span Agantovich, Jacinda JR 3.50 3.28 Math/Comp Sci Gillman, Nicole JR 3.45 3 25 Biology Gillman, MoniqJe JR 3.45 3.25 Biology Black, Monika SR 3.26 3.22 Soc/Pre-Med Florence, Mia L. SR 2.92 3.20 Phys Educ Green, Talitha JR 3.30 3.20 Soc/History Fletcher, Najuma SR 3.23 3.19 Engineering Riley, Dana JR 3.60 3.16 Sociology DIVISION II, III, NAIA, NJCAA Tom, Tina JR 3.66 3.68 Pol.Leg.Econ Anl Boyer, Tanya SR 3.68 3.54 Accounting Dupree, Erica SR 3.30 3.50 Chemistry Hodges, Cassandra SR 3.50 3.20 Bus Mangnt Thomas, Stephanie SR 3.27 3.17 Bus Admin Moya, Sandra SR 3.70 3.16 Pub Comm Correa, Sol Ednita SR 3.50 3.16 Psychology Simpson, Myra JR 3.25 3.07 History DIVISION I FIRST TEAM Warner, Te-Mika St. John's University Codrington, Jamila Syracuse University Hicks, Celesta New Mexico State University Amador, Eileen Colorado State University Sanchez, Elizabeth University of North Texas Tweedy, Demeika Morgan State University Johnson, Kim Syracuse University Henry, Dahlia Manhattan College White, Sharese M. Univ of Maryland-Baltimore Cnty Roundtree, Vontrell Appalachian State University Gillies, Colleen Auburn University Martial, Nicola University of Nebraska-Lincoln Adam, Andrea Colorado State University Dey, Dena Stanford University SECOND TEAM Collins, Keana California State University, Sacrament Hinderlie, Keri Syracuse University Gordon, Nadine N. St. John's University Roberts, Carleen A. University of Kansas Clary, Melanie Manhattan College Straker, Melissa Rice University Agantovich, Jacinda Manhattan College Gillman, Nicole Penn State University Gillman, MoniqJe Penn State University Black, Monika University of Michigan Florence, Mia L. Middle Tennessee State University Green, Talitha University of Virginia Fletcher, Najuma UniversiTy of Pittsburgq Riley, Dana University of Texas at Austin DIVISION II, III, NAIA, NJCAA Tom, Tina Mills College Boyer, Tanya Mansfield University Dupree, Erica Kentucky State University Hodges, Cassandra Kentucky State University Thomas, Stephanie San Francisco State University Moya, Sandra University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Correa, Sol Ednita University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Simpson, Myra Mary Washington College HONORABLE MENTIONS: Football-All Divisions Fall '95 GPA CUM Payne, Roderic SR 3.00 3.15 Accounting Elizondo, James JR 2.64 3.15 Nat Res/Env Sci Dixon, Bobby R. SR 2.67 3.14 Chem Engin Santiago, Otis JR 2.76 3.13 Pre Business Elzey, David SR 3.43 3.10 Admn of Just Frazier, Kenneth JR 2.70 3.10 Recrn Thrpy Etheridge, Paul SR 3.60 3.10 Biology Bivins, Gerdck JR 2.50 3.10 AerosPc Engin Bagley, Carlos SR N/A 3.10 Biology Williamson, Todd JR 3.20 3.09 Elem Educn Clarence, Erwin J. JR 2.87 3.09 Accntg McGee, Keller JR 3.00 3.09 Gen. Business Wrights Avery L. SR 2.75 3.08 Engng Tech Peterson, Ray Terry SR 3.00 3.08 Mathematics Cuffie, Jermaine JR 2.57 3.04 Bus Mngmnt Burton, Paul SR 2.80 3.03 Commun Std Jones, Aaron SR 2.61 3.01 Business Coley, Antonio SR 3.53 3.01 Phys Ther Jenkins, Gilbert SR 3.81 3.01 Business McNeil, Jr., Joseph W. JR 2.94 3.01 Psychology George, Spencer JR 2.75 3.00 Mngral Std/Econ Taylor, Willis SR 2.50 3.00 Sec Educ/PE Sazone, Ronnie J JR 3.10 3.00 Communictns Ndoma-Ogar, Elton SR 3.00 3.00 Hlth/Sprt Sci Roper, Everett C. SR 3.00 3.00 Spch Comm Payne, Roderic New Mexico State University Elizondo, James University of Minnesota Dixon, Bobby R. Rice University Santiago, Otis Kent State University Elzey, David San Jose State University Frazier, Kenneth Alabama State University Etheridge, Paul Alabama State University Bivins, Gerdck Iowa State University Bagley, Carlos Duke University Williamson, Todd University of Maine Clarence, Erwin J. Northeast Missouri State Univ. McGee, Keller Mississippi State University Wrights Avery L. University of North Texas Peterson, Ray Terry San Diego State University Cuffie, Jermaine Harding University Burton, Paul Nortwestern University Jones, Aaron San Jose State University Coley, Antonio University of Miami Jenkins, Gilbert Western New Mexico Univ McNeil, Jr., Joseph W. Morehouse College George, Spencer Rice University Taylor, Willis Western Montana Coll Sazone, Ronnie J ValParaiso University Ndoma-Ogar, Elton Wake Forest University Roper, Everett C. Thomas More College Men's Basketball-All Divisions Butler, Rodrick JR 3.18 3.18 Corp Fin Freeland, Khary JR 3.87 3.11 Crim Justice Norman, Dytanyon SR 3.60 3.10 Comp Sci Harrisi solomon SR 3.22 3.08 Mech Engin Collins, Christopher SR 3.27 3.08 Biology Dove, Herb SR N/A 3.07 Orgn Ldrshp Daniels, D. Lemont SR 3.66 3.07 Criminal Just Jones, Michael Antonio JR 2.06 3.04 Biolgcl Sci Moumad Kama SO 3.04 3.01 N/A Anderson, Lance SR 3.76 3.00 Education Butler, Rodrick Emory University Freeland, Khary West Chester University of PA Norman, Dytanyon Emory & Henry College Harris, Solomon Iowa State University Collins, Christopher University of Maine Dove, Herb Purdue University Daniels, D. Lemont University of Portland Jones, Michael Antonio University of Southern Mississippi Moumad, Kamal Grays Harbor Community College Anderson, Lance Central Connecticut State Univ. Women's Basketball-All Divisions Fail '95 GPA CUM Cook, Kristyn JR 3.53 3.10 Policy Stud Campbell, Kimberly JR 2.52 3.07 Bus Mngmnt Ward, Jamie JR 2.54 3.00 Special Educ Mayo, Shereese SR 3.00 3.00 Accounting Escobedo, Lisa JR 2.41 3.00 Human Perform Cook, Kristyn Syracuse University Campbell, Kimberly American University Ward, Jamie Mommouth University Mayo, Shereese George Mason University Escobedo, Lisa Rice University Men's Track & Field/Cross Country Brown, Rich SR 3.47 3.11 Ath Trn/Spt Md Jacobs, Prisilla SR 2.68 3.09 English Clarence Erwin J. JR 2.87 3.09 Accntg Lopez-McKnight Rafaela JR 2.90 3.04 Theat/Pol Sci Arosemena, Che SR 3.10 3.04 Biochemistry Lonzo, Steve SR 2.86 3.01 English Educ West, Jr., Donald L. JR 3,50 3.00 Psychology Sazone, Ronnie J. JR 3.10 3.00 Communictns Brown Lamont SR 3.20 3.00 Political Sci Brown, Rich Montana State University Jacobs, Prisilla Western Michigan University Clarence Erwin J. Northeast Missouri State University Lopez-McKnight Rafaela Western Michigan University Arosemena, Che Penn State University Lonzo, Steve Western Michigan University West, Jr., Donald L. Floriday State University Sazone, Ronnie J. Valparaiso University Brown, Lamont Kentucky State University Women's Track & Field/Cross Country Baker, Sherell SR 3.50 3.13 Kines/Sprt Admi Wright, Dionne JR 3.06 3.12 Hm Perf & Hlth Sutton, Kyla SR 3.67 3.10 Pol Sci/Soc Henry, Angela JR 3.32 3.08 Psychology Simmons, Michelle JR 3.00 3.05 Exercise Sci Jones, Marquia JR 3.12 3.04 Bus Mngmnt Dixon, Felicia M. SR 3.57 3.04 Chemistry Tasker, Sophia JR 3.08 3.02 Accounting Nortey, Gladys D. Grad 3.09 3.01 Journ/Mas Com Malcom, Katrice JR 3.25 3.00 Chem Engng Johnson, Gamilah SR 2.97 3.00 Social Work Frances, Lesa Grad 3.00 3.00 MBA/Mrktg Fields, Anthanette SR 3.87 3.00 Int'l Bus Croom, Tosha SR 3.50 3.00 English Educ Baker, Sherell University of Houston Wrigat, Dionne Rice University Sutton, Kyta University of Washington Henry, Angela University of Nebraska-Lincoln Simmons, Michelle Appalachian State University Jones, Marquia University of Akron Dixon, Felicia M. Colorado State University Tasker, Sophia Manhattan College Nortey, Gladys D. Iowa State University Malcom, Katrice University of Tennessee at Knoxville Johnson, Gamilah Monmouth University Frances, Lesa Syracuse University Fields, Anthanette Fordham University Croom, Tosha Alabama State University

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