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An Evolving Identity

For those of you who collect mementos and rare items, you may want to hold on to this edition of Black Issues In Higher Education. With this edition, Black Issues will put away the banner that has appeared at the top of this publication since March 1984. When you get the Aug. 25 edition, a new name, DIVERSE, will appear in its place.

Approximately five years ago, our award-winning publication began a substantive transformation. Rather than focus totally on African-Americans as the sole subjects of our articles, our editorial content began to take on a range of issues relevant to all people of color. Almost simultaneously, our staff became more multicultural in its composition, and we found a growing diversity throughout our pages.

As this evolution continued, you, our sophisticated readers, applauded us for meeting the changing and challenging needs of the higher education community. Your reaction was encouraging and the changes have continued and reached an important milestone. The next edition of this magazine will be the first official edition of DIVERSE: Issues In Higher Education.

William E. Cox, President

Bringing you wider and more inclusive coverage of the issues is a logical and necessary progression that reflects the realities of the world we all live in today. Our new name DIVERSE: Issues In Higher Education best captures those realities and what you can expect from this publication.

From the beginning we have relied on the knowledge of historical and contemporary issues to inform our desire to bring you a publication that adhered to the highest journalistic standards. As we move forward, the urgency of that goal takes on added dimensions.

Frank L. Matthews, Publisher

While many changes are occurring, one thing remains constant. DIVERSE: Issues In Higher Education will continue the long tradition — 20 plus years in the making — of quality reporting about relevant issues affecting the higher education community. We further pledge to our old and new readers that everyone at DIVERSE: Issues In Higher Education is committed to listening carefully and responding with a publication that meets your needs. 

– Frank L. Matthews, Publisher and William E. Cox, President

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