Stanford Scholarship to Benefit Latin American Students

Stanford Scholarship to Benefit Latin American Students


      Stanford University recently announced a new $10 million scholarship fund for Latino students, established by colleagues of Uruguayan biotechnology pioneer Dr. Alejandro Zaffaroni.

      The 35 donors credit Zaffaroni, who founded several pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms, with helping build Silicon Valley’s profile, university officials say.

      The program, announced last week, will provide undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships to needy students.

      Donations earmarked for undergraduate scholarships were matched by the university’s Campaign for Undergraduate Education program. Gifts to the graduate fellowship fund were matched by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

      “Over the past five decades, a generation of individuals has been inspired by Alex Zaffaroni’s values,” says Isaac Stein, former chairman of Stanford’s board of trustees and a longtime business partner of Zaffaroni.

      Zaffaroni founded the Mountain View, Calif.-based health products company ALZA Corporation in 1968, which is now owned by Johnson & Johnson.

      — Associated Press

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