American Indians Should Boycott Racist Colleges and Universities

American Indians Should Boycott Racist Colleges and Universities

I have a college-aged son who was contemplating attending the University of North Dakota (see “Damage Control at Dartmouth,” Dec. 28). He was very discouraged and decided not to attend after hearing of the hostility generated on campus and in Grand Forks by campus alumni and conservative student organizations there.

After hearing of the racial incidents at Dartmouth, I certainly would not recommend it to any Native American student. It would appear that the White conservative “legacy” frat boys have carried on the “racist” traditions of their fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers, and will continue to do so until there are adequate consequences to the frat packs and the university itself. One consequence should be that Indian students stop attending the school. There are plenty of other good schools that welcome diversity and welcome attendance by Native students and don’t just pay it lip service. UND and Dartmouth have the same hostile environment.

The environment perpetuates the exclusive privileged White male network that permeates American society and politics.

— Harold Monteau
Missoula, Mont.

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