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An Institution Always Seeking to Be More Inclusive

Founded in 1979 by a group of psychologists and educators, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (TCSPP) provides a unique combination of hands-on and theoretical learning. Currently serving over 4,500 students across the United States, TCSPP has made expanding the school’s mission to new communities a top priority.

Since 2011, TCSPP has been headquartered in Los Angeles, California, while maintaining ground campuses in the Chicago, Illinois, and Washington, D.C., metropolitan areas and a robust online campus.

Stripe Portillo
Vice President Jennifer Stripe Portillo leads the Division of Student Affairs, comprised of 25 full-time staff members across many departments, including the Office of the Registrar, the Office of Career Services, the Department of Community Partnerships and the Office of Student Services, among others.

Since its inception, TCSPP has emphasized diversity and multiculturalism in their training of psychology professionals, a philosophy that has long permeated every aspect of the institution, including student affairs.
Guided by the notion that inclusion is a right rather than privilege, Portillo shares, “Culturally competent and inclusive practice is paramount to the success of the student affairs organization at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

“Just as our institution prides itself on preparing diverse professionals to serve diverse populations, student affairs prides itself on its commitment to engaging a diverse team of educators who bring sharp critical-thinking and informed problem-solving skills to bear on our wide array of programs and supports.”

With locations from coast to coast, TCSPP espouses values of community, inclusion and civic engagement.

Dr. Anissa D. Jones, national director of student development, asserts that while committed to its mission
and values, TCSPP evolves to meet the needs of a growing student population as well as TCSPP’s institutional growth.

Jones states, “The values that TCSPP espouses exist and are always evolving to be more inclusive [in order] to make sure we are working to create a holistic student experience and engaged professionals.”

Daniel Esquivel, a student success specialist at TCSPP, shares that it is the institutional action that truly brings
TCSPP’s mission and values to life in his work.

Esquivel explains, “As a staff member, I find it encouraging that our division stays true to our institutional commitment to diversity through purposeful programming and promoting student self-efficacy.”

An ever-evolving commitment to inclusion, diversity and engagement is what makes the Division of Student Affairs at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology one of this year’s “30+ Promising Places to Work in Student Affairs.”

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