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Notre Dame Policy to Require On-campus Living for 3 Years

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — The University of Notre Dame plans to enact a policy next fall requiring all newly enrolled undergraduates to live on campus during their freshman, sophomore and junior years.

University officials told the South Bend Tribune the goal is to strengthen the school’s residential nature.

But not all students are happy with the policy change.

“You can’t build good community if you’re forcing people into that community,” said Matthew Gartenhaus, a junior.

The university has about 8,500 undergraduate students. University data show about 63 percent of seniors, 15 percent of juniors and 2 percent of sophomores currently live off campus.

Freshmen already are required to live on campus unless they live locally with a parent or guardian.

Some students say they like living off campus because it’s cheaper. The university currently charges almost $14,900 a year for room and board.

Other students prefer living off campus because of the independence. The university has residence hall policies that limit the visiting hours of members of the opposite sex and restrict alcohol consumption.

Senior Daniel Munoz said the new policy seems out of touch with student views.

Senior Christina Murphy is serving as a resident assistant in her dorm this year, so she gets free room and board.

“For me, it’s the convenience of campus,” she said. “I really love the dorm. But most of my friends live off campus.”

Officials said incentives will also be in place to encourage seniors to live on campus, including flexible meal plans and room selections as well as additional leadership roles in residence halls.

The university plans to build two additional residence halls to accommodate the increase in students living on campus.

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