Survey Reveals How Far Americans Would Go To Erase Their Student Debt

With the levels of student debt on the rise, LendEDU recently conducted a survey to see just how far Americans would go to erase their debt.

As of now, the average student loan borrower carries a hefty $28,565 in debt on their shoulders, and, for many, it won’t be paid off within a decade.

Keeping those numbers in mind, LendEDU’s survey posed hypothetical scenarios to a sample of 1,000 student loan borrowers through the online polling company Pollfish.

Each question was formatted as the following: “Would you {insert scenario here} if it meant all of your student loan debt was forgiven?”

The results varied, with 62% of borrowers willing to give up their right to vote in the 2020 election, 51% willing to give up the use of Google Search for life and 30% willing to enlist to fight in a hypothetical World War 3, among other questions surveyed.