The Constitution, From a Black Perspective

Sept. 17 is the date the U.S. Congress chose for America to turn up the volume on one of Gloria J. Browne-Marshall’s favorite topics: the U.S. Constitution.

Under guidelines from the Department of Education, all institutions across the country receiving federal funds are to have some activity on Constitution Day, Sept. 17, to focus on the core document that governs the nation.

Marshall, a law professor in New York at the John Jay College, got a head start this year on her efforts to help broaden interest in the Constitution. She’s published a purse-size version of the historic document, adding an “African- American Context.”

Marshall’s book, which sells for $5.95, highlights sections of the Constitution and its Amendments that directly impact Black Americans, Native Americans and other minorities.

“It’s very important for people to know what’s in our Constitution,” Marshall says. “I find something new every time I read it.”

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