Colorado College Gets $575,000 Grant to Support Black Students Interested in Education Careers

Colorado College has received a $575,000 grant to support Black students interested in education careers, according to CC officials.

Colorado College E1603994554948The grant – given by the Sachs Foundation – β€œwill be used to support summer fellowships, academic-year internships, and scholarships.”

β€œWe are extremely grateful to the Sachs Foundation for removing the economic barriers that prevent many Black students from considering a career in the classroom,” said Manya Whitaker, CC education department chair.

β€œThe underrepresentation of Black teachers in Colorado classrooms, along with the benefits that all students receive from a diverse teaching corps, creates an excellent opportunity to support education by directly supporting Black students who want to become educators,” said Ben Ralston, Sachs Foundation president. β€œWe are excited to be partnering with Colorado College in this shared mission.”