Knoxville College Receives $200,000 from City of Knoxville for Renovations

Knoxville College is getting $200,000 from the city of Knoxville to renovate a building housing the school’s workforce development program, Knox News reported.

Knoxville College E1622824284624The $200,000 comes from the Community Agency Grant program for renovations to the Alumni Library.

Dr. Leonard Adams, the school’s president, said administrators continue to secure funds from sources so that buildings can be converted into training and office spaces.

Founded in 1875, the historically Black college thrived until it closed its doors in 2017. While a handful of students take classes online, there is an effort to bring them back to campus.

Adams and Dasha Lundy, chief operating officer and Knox County commissioner, say revitalizing the school is key to addressing systemic inequities impacting Black communities.