University of Kentucky Board Condemns Racially Charged Cartoon


The University of Kentucky Board of Trustees condemned a racially charged editorial cartoon that appeared in the student newspaper.

The board unanimously approved a statement on Tuesday expressing its “strong disagreement with the cartoon and our disappointment that it was seen by some as a reflection of the university’s attitude and culture of diversity.”

The statement also said the board was “encouraged by the university’s and the students’ response to the initial cartoon and all the events that later transpired.”

The cartoon in The Kentucky Kernel sparked peaceful protests around campus.

Law student Brad Fletcher drew the cartoon that appeared Oct. 5 depicting a Black man, bare-chested on a slave auction block. His left leg was bound by a chain. A White auctioneer refers to the man as a “young buck,” while taking bids from three fictitious fraternities whose names indicate that they are racist.

UK President Lee Todd had already criticized the cartoon as “unfortunate” and said it does not represent the values embraced and shared at UK.

Keith Smiley, editor of The Kernel, has apologized for the cartoon. The Kernel is an independent newspaper and UK has no control over its content.

— Associated Press

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