Recent Poll Shows Feelings of Bias and Discrimination in Birthing Experiences

Recent poll results indicated that a fifth of people who gave birth in the past five years found their experience “fair” or “poor.” And people from Generation Z (born 1997-2004), LGBTQ+, with an annual income less than $50,000, or who are living in rural areas were the most likely to report fair or poor birthing experiences.Aamc Center For Health Justice

“The maternal health crisis in the United States is well documented, though a research gap exists around birthing people and their experiences, particularly by key demographics,” according to the AAMC press release.

The data brief – from a poll conducted by AAMC Center for Health Justice between March 29 and April 3, 2022 – also presented other findings, one of which is that 66% of respondents reported having postpartum complications, with 38% reporting postpartum mental health complications.

And 37% of birthing people – people who gave birth – felt the quality of their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care was impacted by bias or discrimination. Birthing people who are Black, Hispanic, younger, LGBTQ+, or have lower incomes were more likely than counterparts to feel that bias or discrimination affected their experiences.