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National Survey of Hispanic Adults

National Survey of Hispanic AdultsThe Latino Coalition commissioned the following survey, which was conducted by McLaughlin & Associates’ Opiniones Latinas. One-thousand Hispanic adults in the United States were interviewed from Aug. 2-4, 2002, for this survey. Black Issues presents excerpts from the survey.
Percentage of respondents who answered the following questions:
Q: What is your national ancestry?  Mexican            65.2 
 Puerto Rican     7.6   
 Cuban               4.8   
 Dominican            2.7   
 South American           6.4   
 Central American          7.7   
Other Hispanic           5.5  
Q: What is your age?       
18-25                  16.9   
26-40                       31.9
41-55                        28.3
56-65                 12.9
Over 65            10.1
Mean                   42.77
Q: What is the most important issue facing Latinos in the United States today?  Immigration                            17.8
Discrimination/Prejudice                     17.8
Education                                          14.8
Employment/Unemployment            9.5 
Q: Which national Latino political leader,
living today, do you most admire?  No Answer                         74.4                     
President Vicente Fox        3.7 
Henry Cisneros                 1.8 
Republican Luis Gutierrez   1.3                                           Q: Do you feel confident that the quality of life for your children will be better than it has been for you, about the same, or worse?Better              69.5
About the Same                14.2 
Worse                                12.1 
Other/DK*/Refused     4.3Q: Generally speaking, would you say that you approve or disapprove of the job George W. Bush is doing as president? Approve          68.4 Disapprove       23.9 
DK/Refused        7.7 Q: Regarding your health care insurance coverage, which one of the following comes closest to describing your own personal
situation?    No Health Insurance         29.9 
Private Insurance Co.         48.8 On Medicare          12.3 
On Medicaid      7.8 
Q:. (For those who have no insurance only) — Where do you go most often for health care services?
Private Doctor                        31.7 Hospital Emergency Room        18.9 
Community Health Center        34.7 Holistic Doctor         2.1 
It Depends/Other               7.4 
DK/Refused            5.1 
Q: In your opinion, what ought to be the purpose of bilingual education programs in the public school system?    
Learn english well         68.2 Teach in native language                  25.9 DK/Refused       5.8
Q: Which of the following statements comes closest to your own personal opinion?     
“The Hispanic community should become more a part of American society, even if it means losing some of its own cultural identity.”                   55.9 
“The Hispanic community should keep its own culture, even if it means staying somewhat separate from the rest of American society.”               32.6 
                  11.5 Q:  What do you consider to be the greatest barrier that keeps Latinos from succeeding in the United States?
Language                            28.8 Lack of Education              18.8 Discrimination        14.4 
Hispanics Our/Themselves           6.3  Immigration Laws              4.3 
Q: Should illegal immigrants be given the same government benefits and rights as those immigrants who came to this country legally?   
Yes                                                59.2 No                             34.3  DK/Refused        6.5
Q: Regardless of whether or not you are
registered, with which political party do you identify most?       
Republican               22.9  
Democrat                            48.4 Independent   13.4  
DK/Refused     15.3  
Q: Are you registered to vote?   Yes                            59.7 No         39.7  DK/Refused  0.6
   Q: What is your estimated annual household income?    Under $20,000    31.5 $20,001-$40,000                     30.0
$40,001-$60,000                 14.7
$60,001-$75,000    5.1
Over $75,000      6.1
DK/Refused              12.6
Mean        33.46Q: What is your current marital status?  
Single, never married  25.7
Married           56.3
Separated   4.7
Divorced     7.6
Widowed   4.7
DK/Refused               1.0Q: What is the last grade of formal education you have completed?    
Less than High School                           30.3
High School Graduate         30.1
Some College   20.7
College Graduate   14.3
Post-Graduate Work   3.8
Q: How long have you lived in the United States?    Less than One Year    1.0
1-5 Years    5.7
5-10 Years      8.5
10-20 Years               21.2
20+ Years/Whole Life         62.7
DK/Refused                0.9
Male                      47.4
Female          52.6Region:    New England 2.5
Middle Atlantic               12.4
East North Central            6.9
West North Central    1.7
South Atlantic              11.9
East South Central    0.9
West South Central       19.9
Mountain             10.2
Pacific                            33.6

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