Maryland Consortium to Adopt Award-Winning Distance-Learning Course

Maryland Consortium to Adopt Award-Winning Distance-Learning Course
By Ronald Roach


Chikao Tsubaki, an assistant professor of English at Baltimore City Community College, has been awarded the prestigious Distance Course of the Year for 2003 in Maryland for his online English course that combines traditional and online, interactive English instruction. In addition, the award-winning course has been adopted for use by the state’s distance-learning network.

Tsubaki’s Composition Skills II
(ENG 82) features traditional English instruction with self-paced, multimedia instruction featuring Interactive English; a process-oriented writing program that provides a flexible curriculum of writing lessons, readings and grammar exercises, as well as a management system to help track student progress.
“It is a great honor to receive this award, which recognizes the increasing demand for innovative approaches to teaching and learn
ing in order to address the diverse learning styles of today’s students, and motivate them to succeed.
“Interactive English has played a key role in the success of this distance-learning course,” Tsubaki says.
The award-winning course was recently adopted for use by the Maryland Online Consortium, and will be offered through the consortium’s network of 24 member colleges and universities in Maryland.  

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