On the Big Screen: Poor Us

In the new documentary “Indoctrinate U.,” filmmaker Evan Coyne Maloney poses this question: What do all of the colleges and universities featured in U.S. News & World Report’s Top 100 have in common?

If you said producing the future leaders of America, you’d be wrong, at least in Maloney’s eyes. If you consider yourself a victimized conservative at a liberal college that values censorship over the free expression of unpopular ideals, then the correct answer is … brainwashing students.

Maloney, a former software developer, is hoping to convince the rest of America that students hoping to earn “A”s are being forced to conform to the liberal ideology of their professors. Based on interviews and code violation cases involving students and faculty at Harvard, Columbia and Michigan State universities, among others, Maloney’s film accuses colleges of censorship and a hypocritical definition of diversity.

Among the film’s rhetorical questions is, “if men account for only 44 percent of the college population, making them a minority, then shouldn’t colleges invest in men’s resource centers?” Ironically, “Indoctrinate U” fails to note that such programs for underrepresented Black men have found themselves facing lawsuits — from conservatives.

— By Margaret Kamara

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